Nearly 1 Million Americans Have Cast Ballots Already For Midterm Elections


ATLANTA (AP) — Midterm elections are less than three weeks away, yet more than 904,000 Americans already have cast their ballots, with almost 60 percent of those early votes in Florida, according to data compiled by The Associated Press from election officials in 11 states.

Those numbers are climbing daily as more states begin their advance voting periods and more voters return mail-in ballots ahead of Nov. 4.


My ballot should arrive tomorrow and I will have it completed and mailed in within the next couple days


Count me among them. Sent my ballot in last wk.


I voted today and had valid I.D. Quite a few folks were there. Lots of signs to vote YES on amendment to allow legislature to put some restrictions on abortions.


“Early voting” is all about facilitating Democrat voter frad, as well as making sure as many incompetent people vote for Democrats as possible.


I voted in person the first day early voting started in Iowa. Glad I got it done and over with. Now I get to scare all the paniced people who worry that I might have voted for the “wrong” person, because the other candidate is doing X. X being whatever lie they just saw in some political commercial.


I filled out my ballot yesterday and dropped it in the drop off box this morning. I am counting on honest election officials to process it properly even though I live in a strong democrat community. Not a lot of us conservatives. I do worry about voter fraud.


I’ll end up voting in person on Election Day, but its a forgone conclusion in my state who will win.


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