Nearly 2,000 Catholic nuns sign letter demanding Trump ‘count the votes’

Nearly 2,000 Catholic nuns sign letter demanding Trump ‘count the votes’

‘It may be frustrating that we do not know immediately who won our 2020 Presidential election. Nonetheless, democracy is worth the hard work and the wait,’ said Sister Simone Campbell.
November 5, 2020
By Jack Jenkins

(RNS) — Nearly 2,000 nuns have signed a letter addressed to President Donald Trump suggesting he abandon calls to halt vote tallies in various states and instead “count the votes.”

The letter accuses “some elected officials” of making “the immoral choice to hold onto power at any cost, including disenfranchising thousands, denying their most sacred gift: their voice.”

“We took vows as Catholic Sisters, and you took a vow to uphold the Constitution,” the letter to Trump reads. “Stay true to your vow. Count the votes.”


Well the sisters can rest easy now. Biden won.

The media may claim Biden won but they have no authority to officially call the winner in any election although they’d like us to think they can. Votes are still being counted and nothing is official yet. And there may have been fraud and that needs investigating.

If the media were unbiased they would be patient and fair to both candidates and wait until votes were all counted before calling the winner. But they want Biden as president and are impatient. What they are doing is pushing it into the public’s consciousness that Biden is the winner before it’s official.


Yes it’s called
PROGRAMMING…it feels very Orwellian to me

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I didn’t know the Nuns on the Bus had room for 2000 on their vehicle.

Perhaps when they have completely finished signing they might consider starting to pray for their fellow religious, The Little Sisters of The Poor, who are certainly going to need their help.


Are these same nuns now going to demand that Mr. BIDEN ‘count all the votes”?

I don’t believe they are all counted yet, are they?

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They sure aren’t. My state has somewhere between 500,000 and a million votes yet to count, all of them mail-in ballots and many of which were sent in and marked “received but not counted” weeks ago. I don’t think these ballots will influence the Presidential race but they certainly will have an effect on local ballot issues and I already complained to the governor about how long it’s taking these bozos to count, after having some rather weird interactions with them when I called my local BoE to inquire and also asked on social media. At one point I got a PM from somebody who didn’t even work for the BoE but claimed to be the SPOUSE of someone who did, basically lecturing me for expressing concern about why it was taking 3 weeks to count ballots marked “received” in mid-October, because his wife “works so hard”. Come on people, when one of my customers at work complained, my husband didn’t send them unsolicited messages. Totally unprofessional but that’s local government for you.

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