Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote


A large number of non-citizen Hispanics, as many as 2 million, were illegally registered to vote in the U.S., according to a nationwide poll.

The National Hispanic Survey provides additional evidence for use by anti-voter fraud conservatives and bolsters an analysis by professors at Old Dominion University who say non-citizens registered and voted in potentially large numbers.


No link to the poll, sadly.

Of the randomly selected sample of 800 Hispanics, 56 percent, or 448, said they were non-citizens, and of those, 13 percent said they were registered to vote.

A problem with the survey data used by the used in the Old Dominion study was that people were simply asked if they were registered to vote - not if they were registered to vote in the US. If I were citizen of another and registered to vote in that country, I would respond yes, asked if I were registered to vote.

The Old Dominion study used the survey results to infer answered to questions not actually asked. I would like to see the actual questions used in this survey.


Polls do not determine crime statistics. This is a very silly and questionable story. VP Pence might as well search for Bigfoot.


Half of my ex girlfriends are Hispanic, both born in the US to American parents…I’m not sure they vote. By the way, everytime something is mentioned about Hispanics, I always think it important to share the US census’s definition.
Anyway, some Anglos are illegal too. I am willing to bet even if there were relatively few illegally voting, that some probably were.


Not sure what you are trying to convey about your ex girlfriends. You say they were both born in the US, which makes them citizens, they can vote if they choose. :confused:


You are right, there was no link to the poll. You did not see the questions so you don’t know they were “simply asked if they were registered to vote”. The article says “Inside the poll is a page devoted to voter profiles.” I would assume a page devoted to voter profiles contains more than “are you registered to vote” and “are you a US citizen”

If anybody finds a link to the poll questions please post.



So, there is not any criminal evidence … but there seem to be some hints that illegal aliens are registered to vote.

Motor-voter laws?

John Fund’s articles and books?


The system is broken , that’s the only way this could have happened


Apparently Trump is on to something.


Assuming this is accurate, it’s just too bad that these voters have been alienated from the pro-life and pro-traditional family causes because of the anti-immigrant and anti-working class positions of the Republican Party. You would think someone would realize that these people, the vast majority of whom are Catholics, would be a natural constituency for life and family issues.


:confused: Like what?




Not being Hillary Clinton. :stuck_out_tongue:


Instead of shouting “FAKE NEWS”

Going to politely point to the methodology here - which is bunk.


So… they shouldn’t be voting, but they are being alienated from the party which includes pro-life by that party’s desire to enforce the law?

I’m so confused…


There are a couple of other studies which also have as one goal the determination of non-citizen voting. Both have been heavily criticized.

I don’t think anyone could really create a study that will determine this, unless someone goes through the voter registration roles and determines the staus of each person on it. Even then there will probably be some criticism of the process.


I didn’t say that they shouldn’t be voting. I imagine that is what people on your ideological side will say. Despite the fact that they could be voting pro-life and pro-family.


No party is more anti working class than the Dem party, and the working class knows it, which is why so many blue collar workers supported Trump in the states that mattered most.

But it’s not accurate to ascribe Catholicism to all Hispanics. Only 65% of Hispanics in the U.S. are Catholic, and the number of Protestants is growing. And protestant sects train Hispanic missionaries to take it back to their places of origin too. I know some of them myself.

Open borders might turn out to be one of the worst things that ever happened to the Church in Latin America.


Blue collar workers overwhelming supported Obama the last 2 times, this doesn’t conclude anything except desire for something new.


Disappointed expectations have a way of doing that.

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