Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from milk

Beijing - The number of children in China sickened by dairy products tainted with the banned industrial chemical melamine has jumped to nearly 53,000, the government said Sunday as it vowed to crack down on those responsible for one of China’s worst food safety scandals in years. More than 80 percent of the 12,892 children hospitalized in recent weeks were 2 years old or younger

I am shocked and saddened by this. The only explanation I can think of is large-scale corruption and greed of the most callous and inhuman kind.

This is an excellent example of how women should breast feed their babies, and not use milk substitutes. Also I don’t think people should be drinking so much milk anyway, and Asians are the most allergic to milk of all people, very lactose intolerant, so I don’t even know why they would be feeding thier children this. I’m sure it’s corporate greed and manipulation of the poor. So called “education” where they try to get poor people to buy supplemental milk for thier babies, when they should be breast feeding them. It’s the healthiest, most natural and most traditional way. Another of example of the evils of people who love money above humanity.

I can’t believe that it honestly has begun to look like China’s industrial tycoons are all unethical goons! It would be like the mob being in charge of our companies. Even if Tycoon A wanted to boost profits at his dairy subsidiary by watering down the milk and adding melamine, someone in the chain would realize the danger and stop him plus we have the threats of lawsuits and the damage to branding to keep people in line. After all, bagged spinach still hasn’t made a complete recovery and it’s been a few years now!

Well, what do you think happened? Just a mistake?

My heart goes out to these Chinese families. This is their one and only child due to federal legislation and they are dying, inch by inch due to a very serious corporate decision to taint the formula. More reasons to pray for the littlest among us.

I honestly wish this was a mistake.

Rather it appears to be widespread and large-scale corruption. There are several different and unrelated manufacturers involved. Mny different factories and people. This appears to have been a common practice, not at just one plant or one company, but the entire industry in China.

When the milk it tested for nutritional value, it is burned and the gases and ash examined by a spectrometer. This is how the level of protean is determined. Melamine has a very similar spectroscopic signature when burned as protean does. So it appears that it was added to fool the test and boost the protean score.

Greed, corruption and inhuman callousness. It is just sickening to me.

Even for the children who recover, I wonder what the long term effects will be. Will they have developmental problems, auto-immune disorders, certain types of cancers, improper musculo-skeletal development? Does anyone know?

I agree, it is sickening.

Heaven’s no! By I can’t believe I meant that it positively boggles the mind that such corruption is allowed to flourish!

Thank goodness we have different standards and regulations here in the U.S. I guess the Chinese will do anything to make a buck. What they do is water down milk, then add this chemical to make it pass their tests. They knew all along the dangers involved, but didn’t care. Just like the contractors who cheated on the specs on their grade schools, which just about all fell down in the recent earthquake.

Well, China is officially atheist. I suppose this is not completely unexpected when people grow up in a moral vacuum.

More bad news, chemical found in biscuits in Hong Kong.

You know what? Blaming the mothers doesn’t help anyone. Some women are physically unable to breastfeed their children. These women may not produce enough milk to sustain their babies, or may have duct problems such as mastitis, or even may have survived cancer via mastectomy surgery and may no longer have the tissues necessary for milk production. Other mothers are adoptive parents and are not lactating. These women shouldn’t have to worry that their children are being poisoned, and neither should they be made to feel guilty. Besides, most Asian children can digest lactose until they are older toddlers. They have to be able to, or else they wouldn’t be able to tolerate breast milk, which also contains lactose.

There’s no doubt about it … when it comes to corruption on a massive scale the Communist regimes make us in the West look like amateurs.

Can you imagine what the Left would be saying if an American drug company had been responsible for this? Is the Left now going to condemn the corrupt Chinese Government for the crooks they really are?

I could be mistaken, but I believe both “leftists” and “rightists” are highly critical of the PRC. =)

Mixed news continues:

“President Hu Jintao, 'Food safety is directly linked to the well-being of the broad masses and the competence of a company,” Hu said. "Chinese companies should learn from the lessons of the Sanlu tainted milk powder incident.’ "


The good news is that by the time these sorts of incidents make their way up to the top of the CCP (中国共产党), the problem will be rectified. The bad news is there are more product recalls, such as chocolate. To get even worse, those who are found guilty of crimes such as these are usually executed.

We’ve just had a line of chocolates recalled from all outlets due to this. My personal feeling about it is that Chinese products cannot be trusted. After the dog food contamination, I thought it would only be a matter of time before people were victims of this, too. Unfortunately, we don’t know where all the ingredients come from for processed foods such as chocolates or dried milk so we don’t always know if there is something of Chinese origin in our food. It isn’t just the food either, many people have reported severe skin reactions after wearing clothing made in China.

The last story on this I read had 4 babies dead and more than 130 in hospital, seriously ill. That was a couple weeks ago.

China-made Cadbury chocolates safe,23599,24430481-2,00.html
HONG Kong’s food safety watchdog said today the level of melamine in Cadbury products was safe, after the British sweet maker recalled 11 of its China-made chocolates.

Cadbury recalled the product lines from Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong after they found traces of the industrial chemical, which has led to more than 53,000 babies falling ill in China.

I don’t know about you, but I’d really rather not have any melamine in my food, even a supposedly safe level.

Now CNN is saying that an additional 31 brands of milk powder have been found to be contaminated with melamine.

The contamination has been blamed for the deaths of four children and kidney ailments among 54,000 others. More than 13,000 children have been hospitalized and 27 people arrested in connection with the tainting.

The new figure, seen on the food safety administration’s Web site, brings to at least 100 the number of tested batches of milk powder found to contain melamine.

A previous round of testing, results of which were posted on September 16, found melamine in 69 milk powder batches. Dozens of brands sold by more than a score of dairy firms, including some of China’s biggest names, have been among those tested.

Tests have also found melamine in 24 batches of liquid milk produced by three of the country’s best known dairy firms.

See the story here.

At this point, for personal and public health and safety, I think that ALL food products either made in China or that contain ingredients from China, should be avoided. Easy for us in the USA and much of Europe, but for not so easy for those in Asia, the South Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

I noticed in my grocery store, they are posting the country where our fruit and vegetables are coming from…but do they do that on our canned or processed food? I haven’t seen that at all, so we must rely on the manufacturer to do our policing.

Yep, and in the meantime, maybe stick to as much non-processed food as you can. Make meals with fresh meats, produce, dried beans & grains, eggs, and fresh dairy products.

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