Nearly every state has asked for federal help to protect voting systems from hacks


Nearly every state has asked for federal help to protect voting systems from hacks.


Chickens asking the fox for protection!


You really think the USGOV would fix elections???

When all it has to do is declare martial law to get whatever the heqq it wants???



They would never do anything that direct, plus when theres martial law, not many people out spending money or going to work, paying taxes, etc etc.

Better to keep the people totally in the dark, or guessing and make them think everything is kosher and as it should be. lol


I hope and pray and am willing to work to get the elections fair and lawful after this election is over. I know it’s too late now. I fussed about it before but I guess I didn’t fuss loudly enough… I really think it’s a problem… and it angers me. It’s a privilege and honor to vote and I hate that many people think it’s ok to make a mockery of it and have dead people vote and illegals, etc…


Amen! Or is it just CYA?


The federal government has done more to undermine the integrity of elections then any other person or organization. Its courts have prevented requiring identification to safeguard the vote.

Asking the federal government for help is never a good idea even for states. I really hope a majority of our states aren’t this foolish.


That sort of cynicism about our government is exactly what is catalyzing our decline.



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