Nearly half of countries are producing too few babies to maintain their populations, say researchers


And where are those animals to live after a few strip malls are built?


Maybe they’ll evolve?


I guess that sums up the difference in our point of view. It’s not over population as in the Earth’s absolute ability to sustain us. It’s the balance between humans and pretty much all other life. The whole stewardship of the earth stuff.

With a few exceptions humans building in previously uninhabited areas means displacing or destroying the existing life.


We’ll eventually go to the stars and inhabit the cosmos. These worries about overwhelming the Earth are nothing more than short sighted fear mongering.


Especially if the monasteries and convents fill up…


All forms of life do that to each other. There were extinctions and displacements taking place long before Man walked the earth. One difference is at least quite a few humans attempt to find ways to preserve species that are indangered. Often with great success. I just don’t get the point you are attempting to make. If humans were fewer in number, wildlife and weeds would still be destroying each other. Probably more so because there would be more of them. Have you ever seen what happens when a new species invades? They aren’t always introduced by man. Sometimes they migrate and invade themselves


I’m of the opinion that when people settle an area they massive disrupt it far beyond what naturally happens. A great deal of invasive species are bright over by people. In fact areas that humans refuse to go are showing great resurgence in wildlife, despite the hazards.


That doesn’t dispute what I said. Yes, people do bring invasive species. That is one of many reasons why I highly dislike the exotic pet industry. But humans are also the only species that works to preserve others, and conserve resources. Animals were killing each other off in large numbers and destroying habitats long before man walked the earth. It is kind of part of the cycle of life.


The point is, God gave us reason so we could figure some things out for ourselves.


Still wouldn’t be enough to curb population growth. The ratio of lay people to priests in the US was ~875:1 in 1980, and the difference has only gotten greater.


He also gave us clear instructions and guidelines to follow. The fact that so many are attempting to dismiss or replace His guidelines and instead follow the secular world’s ideas is troubling.

God gave us the ability to reason. It is a gift that helps us be good stewards to the rest of His creation, among many other reasons. He didn’t give us permission to pick and chose which of his instructions to follow. Remember which tree Adam and Eve ate from. This has been the fight since the beginning. People decide to place knowledge and reason above God’s will.


“Be fruitful and multiply” is not the same as “breed with abandon.”


No one has advocated that. What has been stated is that no one has a right to children. They are not an asset to be acquired or an expense that is viewed as unnecessary. Following God and His ways requires avoiding waste, trusting in His Providence, and trusting He has a plan in all this. That requires prudence, reason, and an extraordinary amount of care for those around us.

To breed with abandon goes completely against that. It is also very twisted to think any Catholic mother would even consider such a thing.


God taught the cleaning is the divine goodness

Exodus 19:10
Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow. They must wash their clothes.

Doctors use the biblical logo of pair of snakes for people go to see doctors for healing.

Numbers 21:8
Then the LORD said to Moses, “Make a snake and mount it on a pole. When anyone who is bitten looks at it, he will live.”

For famine, God taught Joseph wisely saved 20% of the harvested grain, and was able to save Egypt and the region during the famine.

What are the Gospel for the limited two kids per family? Over population? Nix.

Some don’t understand God’s will from two greatest commandments can pray and ask the Holy Spirit.

Job 12:16 With him are strength and wisdom, but ….


The point is

John 14:26 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and remind you all that I said to you”.


Italy has a pretty interesting idea in trying to pump up there population. A lot of European countries sadly are suffering fertility rates. Japanese has had a family crises for a long time now so I’m not surprised. Muslims and Africans tend to procreate the most.


I would like to see your numbers on Muslim fertility. The world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia. has a fertility rate barely at replacement level at 2.08. Other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, and Tunisia are even below that with fertility rates at or even below replacement level. My source is below.

The part of the world which has above replacement rate is Subsaharan Africa. Look at the map in the link provided.


We only need brainpower.

Hire an engineer.


Minor time warp.


Ocean water is evaporated naturally … the evaporated water is fresh water … it then blows over the land and descends as rain … whereupon it can be collected and distributed.

If you want fresh water FASTER, then you can use desalination.


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