Nearly half of countries are producing too few babies to maintain their populations, say researchers


Southern california borders the ocean and it does not rain very often there. They have water rationing today in several cities.


Where did San Diego get its water supply?


I’m guessing the Colorado river.


So, the water WAS rained down … or snowpack that melted.


And where are the animals that were once where San Diego is now?


from a previous poster here and other people making comments like Muslim families tend to have more kids vs say a catholic family.


You can probably find out if you Google search it.


Except that they don’t.

Having lived in a Muslim country, I can tell you that most are Muslim in name only. They, like Catholics, do limit their family artificially.

I am talking about the more moderate Muslim nations.

However in the more fundamentalist countries like Saudi Arabia, the fertility rate is still barely at replacement level.


Baloney. How about life choices and the sound use of birth control. A daughter was enough for me to afford my life with balance between being a procreator and a person with gifts to give back society that require full time attention


Eleven days after the Sabbath, plenty of rain in at least two third of South CA with one mm to an inch of water in three hours this morning. Air smell is sweet and fresh green without any pollution.

Gift for Thanksgiving, worth more than 25 millions for 10000s square miles… Just sow seeds on the ground and get plenty of foods later.

God is awesome and thanks to our Lord bless the land.


The Holy Spirit can teach about the mystic science of God. John 14:26


OK. So how would you make rain by following these teachings?


Al, no permission to answer. I have the rosary and the bible like all others.


God taught this clearly through Saint Joseph as master carpenter.


Your grandmother would have been above average.


I thought that God said to increase and multiply. Why don’t people have a right to follow a commandment of God?


They have a right to pursue the conception of children, but that has to occur within the scope of reproduction as God created it. Things which help the natural reproductive cycle to work better are alright, but things which separate the conception of the child from the natural cycle turn the child into a commodity obtained apart from God’s design.

Saying that you have a “right” to have a child, regardless of means or method, reduces the child to an object.


That is a good question.

God is the author of life. We are not truly in control of our fertility, even if we want to be or society and medical advances attempt to tell us otherwise. The most we can do is follow His plans for the way families are made and leave the rest to Him. So many of us had a very long road to parenthood. Others it comes easily. Both paths have their joys and hardships. It is a gift and a blessing to follow God’s path to build your family instead of doing things in an immoral way.

If we allow ourselves to be COcreators with God instead of attempting to simply be CREATORS ourselves, we realize we do not have a right to the “family of our dreams” or the “one and done” or whatever. We accept that God’s plan for us will lead us on our own Unique path to Heaven.


None of us have a right to the priesthood, religious vocation, to be a doctor, or a lawyer many other vocations or professions. Marriage and parenthood are vocations. They are privildges to those who are qualified, capable and willing to work hard.


I am not aware of any divine commandment to be a lawyer. However, I am aware of a divine commandment to increase and multiply. IMHO, we should have a right to follow our religion and obey the Commandments that God has given us, according to our religious belief. I am opposed to those who deny people the right to follow their religion and the Divine Commandments. I read in Genesis:
God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth …”
As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.

I would not agree with those who say that no one has a right to obey a Divine Command.

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