Nearly half of countries are producing too few babies to maintain their populations, say researchers


The world population was well under a billion at the onset of the Black Death.


So it did. A slow, slow, slow decline to a stable, more sustainable level would be good, for us and for the rest of the living world. It’s not impossible, either.


And resources are not infinite, so we might not be able to maintain that standard long-term if birth rates were to increase.


It has, it has risen steadily. For humans. For the rest of the living world the story has been different.


If the birth rate were to go down because couples married later in life, out-of-wedlock sexual relations were rare and more people remained unmarried for the sake of the Kingdom, we’d figure out how to cope with it.

Stay concerned with encouraging virtue, and take whatever birth rate comes with it.


Noah is 175 years old. People age is around 125 to 150 at that time.
Life was cut short because of sin and then the world was converting and life span is extending.

Logically if the world’s birth rate drops then they have the good reason to force the production of babies in the tubes, and select babies base on categories they like, then replace Almighty God and other related consequence. There is no secret about this.

Resources on earth and universe are unlimited. The cosmic particles and ions of hydro electrons created the earth and rain on earth every second and can bring more resources to earth or maybe to heal us that we do not understand yet. Trust God, pray and God will bless.

Mother Mary’s angels guided me to a place to learn then the Holy Spirit helped me to see this to understand cosmic rays and the earth change.


That’s why I plan to have 4 kids minimum. Hoping for 6+ gonna do my part.


The first sentence of your last paragraph is categorically false.


Good! Managed decline of the human population, and by extension human kept livestock, is a good thing for the environment. The ravages of human overpopulation are becoming really clear now, there’s a reason that many believe that we starting to see the start of the sixth great extinction event.


I eat brown algae weekly because I see no wrinkle and extreme healthy skin on the faces of many Korean people. Algae are plenty in the ocean to the level they plan to produce bio fuel to run cars.


Lovely, but it doesn’t change the fact that the earth’s resources are very much finite.


People that live in crowded cities see overpopulation as a problem may e, but those of us that live in other areas do not see where those thoughts are coming from. Where is the overpopulation? Why if people feel crowded do they not move to a less crowded area? There are many places that don’t have crowds or resources that are nearly used up. Vermont even is paying people to move there because their population is falling instead of increasing


Economics. Most good paying jobs are in metro centers. So some live outside and commute but over the decades those areas get built up and are no longer sparse.

I think it’s incredibly wrong to view areas not occupied by humans as available for us. What about all the existing flora and fauna that get destroyed or displaced each time a new housing development is built?


It’s not like you can just move your job to Montana. There are a lot of people who have to live in large urban areas because that’s where the demand for their skills exists.


:rofl: If some of you guys have your way the Millennial generation is gonna be spending their retirement years subsisting on Soylent Green :nauseated_face:


I know it does depend on your job skills; however, many jobs DO exist virtually anywhere. There are also many people that work remotely or from home in other capacities.

I know several military spouses that are speech and language pathologists. They see their clients online and over Skype. It works well for them because they are not needing to rebuild client bases each move, and it works for their patients because it creates continuity of care. There are also several therapists that do counseling online as well. Music teachers, art teachers, and many other instructors work online. These are just some of the people I know personally that are able to keep steady employment in well paying fields while living in areas that aren’t overcrowded, low cost of living, or through multiple moves (even internationally). I am sure there are other jobs that would allow for professionals to have more flexibility. I do realize it isn’t possible for some professions though.


Actually no. Infant mortality in the US hasn’t changed in a long time. As a country modernizes there is a drop in infant mortality, but that happened for the US a long long time ago.

We’re aborting and contracepting, and also thinning our sperm through rampant porn/masturbation.


What does that even mean?


Depleted sperm count I think is what he’s getting at


I’m talking about the world over the long term, not just the US.

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