Nearly half of countries are producing too few babies to maintain their populations, say researchers


Yeah…that’s not a thing.


Depends on what you mean by “that.” Sperm counts are dropping:

One flaw in this article, IMO, is that it doesn’t address widespread use of hormonal contraceptives, which through water pollution could have a similar effect on sperm counts.

I haven’t heard of a connection between porn and lowered sperm count before, but I have between porn and erectile dysfunction.


Lowered sperm count due to porn/masturbation.


It means many men are masturbating so much now that the concentration of their sperm count, when they finally get around to making love to their wife, is depleted, sparse, leading to low fertility.


Holds true for most of the civilized world…where the problem is mentioned. World wide, infant mortality (as a ratio to early death) has stablized.


Yes I have read a couple of articles that have stated that sperm counts are decreasing and quality of sperm declining.
Could be due to plastics, ect.
but most young people are marrying later, and then delaying having children.


I don’t know why it’s unfortunate. But the global growth rates is declining and the global population will stop growing by 2050. That would still be well below the danger zone.

That’s not why. It’s because many married people who can are choosing not to have children.

Yes and that affects men too not just women.

Also, when you purposely discourage people from having children, it doesn’t go back up. Look at China. Look at Poland. No more one child policy. Increasing government assistance. None of it is working.


Worth repeating.


The water supply is being contaminated with estrogen from birth control pills.

Known as “pharmaceuticals & personal care products” .

The environmental effect of pharmaceuticals and personal care products ( PPCPs ) is currently being widely investigated. PPCPs include substances used by individuals for personal health or cosmetic reasons and the products used by agribusiness to boost growth or health of livestock. More than twenty million tons of PPCPs are produced every year.[1] PPCPs have been detected in water bodies throughout the world. The effects of these chemicals on humans and the environment are not yet known, but to date there is no scientific evidence that they affect human health.[2]

Further research is needed to evaluate the risks of toxicity, persistence, and bioaccumulation. The term PPCPs encompasses environmental persistent pharmaceutical pollutants (EPPPs), and PPCPs are classified as pseudo persistent organic pollutants. They are not removed from wastewater by conventional methods.[1] The European Union describes pharmaceutical residues with the potential of contamination of water and soil as “priority substances”.[3]


However, the world is not and never will be overpopulated.


How do you figure? If you agree that resources are finite, then how can you confidently say we won’t overtax the planet?


Agree. Is also having a huge effect on wildlife i.e. Many male fish being born without male genitalia, ect.


Yes, that’s right. Some countries are even paying people to have children to increase the birthrate and it hasn’t worked.


I’m reminded by Children of Men movie.


God gave stream water, mana to Jews people in the desert.

God gave Peter a full boat of fish

God gave breads to the followers.

I saw rosaries turning to gold and touched them. They were real shiny gold.

There is nothing God cannot do.


because you do not know God can do more than that. He is the Creator of universe.


I’m very much aware of that. God created an observable universe with order and reason to it. That’s why Christian Europe was the forefront of scientific discovery. We learned about the world around us to learn about God and His creation.


Firstly, regardless of what you believe these things simply don’t happen any more or else the risk of famine wouldn’t exist. I’d also like to see documentary evidence of your rosary, along with a chemical analysis both pre and post change.


That’s not how it works. We don’t get to screw around with our resources and assume God will drop more in our laps.


I think assuming God will bail us out if we do something willfully stupid is dangerous thinking.

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