Nearly half of countries are producing too few babies to maintain their populations, say researchers


4.7? Really my grandmother had 15 children I have 36 first cousins on my mother’s side alone not including my fathers side


Abortion and homosexuals have very little impact on birth rates.

People in Europe especially are delaying children because housing is extremely expensive, the majority of families require two incomes to survive comfortably and affordable childcare is scarce. As a result, people delay having children and limit their family size.

I myself am 30, married to a partner of 9 years and have no children yet and will likely continue to delay for another year or two because we simply cannot afford it despite a household income of £80k+ per year.


I wish I could give this more than just one like. This is beautifully stated and puts the focus where it should be. :+1:t4:


I agree with you, that is unfortunate. It should be increasing by much more than that but people are choosing evils over God.


Is there at least SOME number at which you’d agree the Earths resources would be overtaxed? If so, what is it? 20 billion? 50 billion? 500 billion?


MT’s not cheap either. Californians moving up there drove up property prices. There are also certain norms that the locals have kept over time where locals usually allowed to come onto to certain large property for fishing, but now that’s changed with the new owners who prefer to keep people off of their land.


No. I trust in God’s providence. Consider the hundreds of millions of babies that have died in abortion - how many of them would have gone on to invent new things, cure diseases, possibly explore and colonize space? We should just trust in Him and be fruitful and multiply in marriages when there is not a grave reason to refrain from doing so.


Gods providence does not mean we can do willfully stupid things and then expect God to bail us out. If I deliberately set fire to my house, I don’t get to meet God at the pearly gates and go, “Hey, why didn’t you miraculously douse the flames?!” We’re still obligated to use the reasoning God gave us.

And there are more ways to have a sustainable population than abortion.


He did in fact command that humans be fruitful & multiply. I’ve never seen Scripture commanding otherwise.

Some other articles online related to the decline in population:

“Half of countries have fertility rates below replacement level, study finds”

“Population and fertility by age and sex for 195 countries and territories, 1950–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017”

I was listening to Relevant Radio’s show, “Father Simon Says,” & more than once before, I’ve heard him say similar:

From “‘Remarkable’ decline in fertility rates”:

“Whenever a country’s rate drops below approximately 2.1 then populations will eventually start to shrink (this “baby bust” figure is significantly higher in countries which have high rates of death in childhood).”


“Multiply” doesn’t necessarily mean exponentially and out of control.


I believe the topic was addressed in Humanae Vitae:


Can you point me toward what you’re referring to?


Of course we cannot willfully do stupid things but your analogy has nothing to do with married men and women having large faithful families. That is very reasonable.

Where are you getting your concern for overpopulation? Most of these come from a secular worldview that leaves God out of the equation. There is no context to their worldview and nothing is “seen” quite right due to this omitting of the very reason that all things exist. Be not afraid, trust in He Who Is.


Because things like fresh water are finite. Yes, God could miraculously make more, but I don’t think it’s wise to assume that’s going to happen.


Isn’t this what happened with Rome? Too much partying, selfish behavior, committing acts which did not lead to procreation? Eventually they had too few younger ones to lead, produce, serve, fight battles, etc.


That’s pseudo-history. Christianity was completely normalized in Rome by the time the empire collapsed.


Following the VERY FIRST DIRECT COMMAND from God is willfully doing stupid things?


I think that command has been fully obeyed and then some.


Do you think God meant us to interperet it as an open ended command we should apply in the most extreme and literal way possible regardless of circumstances? I don’t.


Which is why, IMO, those areas where people aren’t reproducing themselves ought to step it up and have more kids. And those areas where people are reproducing at an unsustainable rate ought to slow it down.

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