Nearly half of countries are producing too few babies to maintain their populations, say researchers


You can hunt pythons too.

The alligators will thank you if you do.

Alligators have been the apex predators in the Florida Everglades but these pythons are a threat. Unlike alligators, these giant snakes are a threat to everyone there, including the alligators.


I do think this is a big part of the problem. Children are viewed as free labor or they are viewed as an expensive accessory that is not needed and therefore easily done without. Children should not be seen as either. Parenthood shouldn’t be done with the thinking, “What is in it for me?” and instead, “How can I give more.” God loans us children with the idea that we will return them to Him—with interest. We need to adjust our thinking and realize children are not a right to be sought after to as we choose, just as they are not so expensive that most can not afford to have them. We need more children being raised to serve God and our fellow man. We also need to accept that they may not come simply because we want them.


What I meant was we are not going to reach 14 billion.
Why environmental destruction is happening is a reluctance to enforce existing laws and regulations. That has absolutely nothing to do with population size. Is a smaller population that’s more mindless and destructive better?

And it can support more people, at least 14 billion. But given that the population growth rate is declining and will hit zero by the end of the century, it won’t even be close to that.
Environmental awareness can be effective. Controlling CFCs was the most successful environmental collaboration between nations. It can be replicated. Also, consumers are changing habits and seeking changes. Developing countries are choosing greener technologies as they industrialize.


I agree with your view of children as coming from God.

However try explaining that to people who do not have the same beliefs as you.

I have lived in Buddhist, Muslim and Christian countries and I can say with some degree of certainty that most people are “(insert name of religion) in name only”. The very business of earning a living and the concerns of everyday life often take a back seat to spiritual matters. Jesus and the parable of the seed sower comes to mind where He mentions that the concerns of everyday life can lead to spiritual numbness.


Very true. Most are not very faithful no matter what their stated religion is.


The problem is not a deficit in food production, but getting the food to where it is needed.


There is food. Their governments prevent the distribution of it. Wicked, evil, disgusting men do a lot of harm to babies and other “undesirables”

Governments have also been known to kill their own people in other way than just starvation. But they know if they control the food, they have the power


I fear that the current wildfire situation in California will be used to push the population control agenda.


There’s also a great deal of incompetence on the part of well-meaning officials.


That is at times the cause, yes. But the pictures he posted are more likely due to malice. There are many governments that would rather pass out birth control than food. They use coercion in order to get women to agree to it. “We will give you food but only if you take these pills or get that IUD,” is not an uncommon occurance. And it isn’t limited to Africa. In my husband’s hometown in Mexico, there is a free clinic, but it is only used by those that limit their family size by contraception or tubal ligations. They also distribute food and nutritional supplements there as well. Once again, it is open with the understanding that you have to be “responsible” and quit breeding. It is t a lack of food, it’s a lack of allowing people to get that food. Venezuela comes to mind as well. Wicked people cause so much harm, and the poor are the very first to feel the consequences.


Inequitable distribution of resources is the problem and not the number of people. There are plenty of resources.


They are growing chlorella in the sea water farms or harvest from deep ocean. At least Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Irish consume algae, sea vegetables almost daily for over 2000 years. Here is the lab test:

The cost of sea vegetables is not cheap.
Many countries hate algae because farmings are afraid of competition of sea vegetables.


The problem with ocean harvesting is it’s hard to scale. Algae become dangerous when they grow to levels of more than a few cells per cubic milliliter (I am speaking of bacteria, not seaweed).


God taught us two greatest commandments.

Just do exactly what God likes and wants us to do. Very easy to understand why.

then we ask all people of other religions to do the same.

God never asked us to have limited two kids or concern about short of foods, lands, water or over population; etc.


God also doesn’t tell use to clean our houses or go to the doctor. Most of the time He just expects us to use our brains.


Learn engineering.


If I were you I’d be very careful citing anything from Natural News, it’s cranky as all heck (they’re anti-vaxx for example). I’d also like to point out that your link sends you to their 404 Not Found page.


He sort of did. The Bible is full of verses about cleanliness (one of my favorites is
1 Timothy 3:5 “For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?”)
and going to physicians (“Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.” Matthew 9:12). St. Luke, a gospel writer, was a called the beloved physician by St. Paul.


I just read an article about Russia. For every 100 births, they have 120 deaths.


There’s plenty of open Tundra… Prime real estate

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