Nearly naked and wearing a cross

Is it just me or is anyone else bothered about people that wear crosses as a fasion statement and they are wearing skimpy clothes. I know we are not to judge their hearts but they are wearing one thing(the cross) and saying something else with the little clothing they have on. Or about the guy that gets arrested for murder or some child porn and when they walk out of the jail they have the huge cross around their neck. And please don’t get me started on what people wear at church. :confused:

Im not bothered. Had a girlfriend who wore what you would probably describe as skimpy clothes, especially mini-skirts et al. Im not complaining cause I quite liked it and thought she looked good. She always wore a cross though, sometimes a plain one not disimilar to one I wear under my shirts, sometimes she would wear ‘fashionable’ ones. She wore her cross for the very same reason that I do. . She said that she felt societal pressures as much as anyone re: sex and drugs. but any time she gets tempted and nearly forgets herself her eyes would get drawn to her cross. Then she’d remember never to cross her own line.

That might be a minority opinion but is still an interesting one I think.

I agree with you there. I know that they might have repented and found god, but it often seems . .v.convenient,

I work twelve hour shifts fridays and saturdays. The only mass I can possibly make on sundays is 12.00. I roll out of bed after four hours of sleep, throw the cleanest clothes I have on and head to mass. . .does that make me less deserving of participating in the liturgy than someone who has spent ages grooming themselves?

I think everyone should be welcome in church.

Not sure how I feel about that. Certainly not my place to tell them they can’t wear a cross.

Kind of along the same issue, I have noticed a lot of people wearing Rosaries more and more as a fashion statement. My sister even told me that she was contemplating wearing one, and she isn’t even a practicing Catholic. :shrug:

God bless

tongue in cheek
I wear the Miraculous Medal while naked… in the shower:-p Heehee.

But, yeah, as a fashion statement, that’s just dumb.

I’ll have to disagree with you. While it shouldn’t be worn as a fashion statement, it doesn’t matter what clothes you have on if your wearing a cross for the right reason.
I’m what most people would call ‘punk’. I wear alot of wild clothes, make up, even things with skulls, but I usually also wear my crucifix. I always wear my scapular (even to bed), but usually under my shirt. Does it make me less of a christian because of the clothes I wear? No it doesn’t.
I have know girls that did wear skimpy clothing, but always wore their cross because they said it felt like part of them.
And as for what a person wears to mass. As long as their clean and don’t have a shirt on with offensive words on it, just leave them be. Some people cannot afford nice clothes or simple don’t have enough time to dress up. Their at mass and thats all that matters.
I’ve seen some people at mass wearing jeans and tshirts, even mini shirts, but they were so nice to everyone and really acted like they were christians. Then you look over at some women dressed in her sundays best giving eveyone self righteous dirty looks. Yeah she was dressed up, but not acting very christian.

The word I’m looking for is “modest”. With man’s struggles with temptations of the flesh I think women need to cover up more. When you start seeing mid-triffs and women showing their “cosmetic surgeries” in church something needs to be said. I’m sorry, I know a man that is homeless that goes to our church and he has a collared shirt on. I’m just asking for a little respect to our Lord and do the best you can. I don’t think it’s asking much to leave the camo and t-shirt home.

Most of us are still “in process”…certainly younger folks, and especially in the area of clothing they can choose what seems to some, pretty outlandish. If we try to remember our youth, perhaps we can find charity in our hearts toward them. Lets pray that cross is the thing that sticks with them, when everything else fades away.



This is big in the hispanic community. Gangs are now wearing the rosary as a good luck charm. I would never tell someone that they can’t wear a cross but I did say something to my priest about the clothing issue. He ageed with me on that one.

Here’s a good article on the topic.

Yes, I think girls should dress modestly for mass, that I do agree with. But on the other hand I don’t think women should have to dress with necklines all the way up to their chins and shirts all the way to their ankles, that just as bad in my eyes.
I don’t believe that I myself dress immodestly. I don’t wear mini skirts (couldn’t even if I wanted to, don’t have the legs for them), I don’t show my mid drift, and I don’t wear real plunging necklines (sometimes a little low cut, but still within tasteful limits). I don’t actually follow whats hot in the fashion world. I dress in what makes me happy, which is usually stuff that other people wouldn’t wear. I like loud patterns and just stuff that is unusual. Or I sometimes like to dress punk/goth. I don’t wear these clothes to mass. Usually dress pants or shirt with a blouce. But on a everyday basis I do get diry looks from most older women. While I’m used to it, I do think it’s very unfair. I shouldn’t be judged for how I dress, it’s frankly none of their business how I dress and not their right to even judge me.

Yep, your right. We shouldn’t judge what’s in a man’s or women’s heart. I do have a few tattoos and I got them before my conversion. I know what you mean about people judging you on your looks. I cover them up and people don’t know I have them. But I do think that what we wear is a outward sign on what inside. We have to strive to be holy and to be saints. Boy that’s tuff. But with the mercy and love of Christ anything is possible. Remember the story of St. Francis when he was asked to go into town to preach. They just walked around town and didn’t say a word. They didn’t have to. People saw them and they preached without talking. It was what they were wearing and being meek. Just a little story to think about. I just like talking to other Catholics that love to be Catholic. Good talk.:wink:

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