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Why does that seem so wrong?

Hey, here’s my first Mass I celebrated! Now come buy my DVD!!! Is it just me?

It does seem a little funny. That said, I might buy it just to watch the choir director. I’ve never seen liturgical dancing at a TLM!:rotfl:

Now, I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, but that choir director beats anything I have ever witnessed at ANY Mass.:smiley:

Oh my - that has to be some of the worst voice over I’ve every heard!!! I would be far to distracted to even enjoy what I was watching!

Otherwise - I guess it looks…interesting. :shrug:


I agree…the dialogue voice is very ameteurish

Yes it is just you…I am certain it was a DVD to promote TLM and not of some young priest vying for attention. Cetainly the age of those priests in the photos and their number is enough to make a Progressive liberal Catholic pass out from fear.

Well, I don’t know about that. I’ve seen some pretty awesome Gregorian Chant/polyphonic choirs but my comment was not reflection on the choir anyways. The funny thing is on the clip I don’t think they’re actually playing the part the choir is singing in the video so it looks even funnier.

Thanks, I thought it was “Hey, look at my first mass!!!” Maybe I need to pay attention a little closer next time.

Thanks for the correction!

No problemo!:thumbsup:

The website is a FSSP promotion site. THey have produced “first Mass” videos of more than one of their priests. They have little problems with priestly shortages.

I have also heard that there are special blessings or indulgences for the priest’s first mass as their hands are fresh or something

im sure someone else will know what i’m talking about

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