Nebraska Enacts First-Ever Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain

Nebraska Enacts First-Ever Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain

My response was :D:D:D:thumbsup::thumbsup::gopray::gopray2: I hope my state will be next.

Hooray for Nebraska! :extrahappy:
I also appreciated the inclusion of the father’s right to sue the abortionist. Its about time dads get a little respect!

Its stories like these that make me believe we’ll win this one yet.

YES! :thumbsup:

I applaud the Nebraskan Congress for facing up to the reality of a child in the womb who feels pain and the absolute heinous cruelty of the act of tearing a small child apart or injecting them with some horrible chemicals that dissolve their tissues, muscles and skin and bone slowing killing them on demand.

My concern is of course for those babies who have not yet reached that 20 week mark. However, the scientific facts are at least being considered and applied to the reality of what actually happens to the child during the killing of him or her in the womb. This could well be the stepping stone to putting a stop to this crime.

Praise God for their actions and pray that is catches on across the country in every state. I am going to email my Arkansas Senators and Representatives asking them to follow suit. Heck, I may even make the trip down to Little Rock for a personal visit! :aok:


This is a key point: science. According to the very fundamentals of biological science, the child is a unique individual of the species Homo Sapiens from the moment of conception. You’re not a cat or a fish or a fern and then become a human. And anyone who takes biology in high school should be able to realize this: you dissect a cat fetus or a pig fetus. But how is a cat fetus a cat fetus, unless it’s a Felis Domesticus? And likewise the pig unless a Sus Scrofa Domestica? You can only call something a “cat” if it’s a Felis Domesticus already.

A consistent application of basic science shows that the human fetus is by definition a unique human individual. Consequently, any move by government to actually take science into account in the abortion debate is a great victory for the pro-life movement.

But now we are back at that problem we faced once before “they are persons!”

No problem, in a couple years these no-good, Barackist hacks will abort their children–and their sick ideology–out of existence… sad, but it spells ‘Hope’ for ‘Change’. :wink:

One day in the (hopefully) not too distant future the world will look back at this time with revulsion and disgust as they do at the Jewish,Ukrainian, Armenian,Cambodian or Rwandan Holocausts.Those who were activists in complicity with this mass murrder will be condemned and their memories reviled as will those be who remained silent-a whole generation(s) will be shamed as the Germans et al were.

Some hopeful signs on the horizon. Painfully slow progress, but progress.

Another article on this development.

I can already hear the pro choice crowd suggesting pain killers for the babies before they kill them.

The Law’s controversy may also inform people about abortion’s evils - the more it’s in the spotlight, the better.

It’s really refreshing to hear some good news for a change. I have no doubt that it will be challenged in court, but considering the Law’s scientific basis, Truth might prevail.

"The bill would allow women and even the fathers of aborted unborn children to sue and seek damages from abortionists who violate the law. "

This part concerns me. If a mother is going to go a procure an abortion, she is not going to sue the abortionist.

Anyways, this makes me happy.

This is good-while people like “choice” they don’t like it causing others pain. Sort of like “the right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins”.

Now the unborn have a “nose.” :thumbsup:

As for that second article, I wonder how many of the British abortion clients opted for pain medication for the fetus-it might show misgivings on their part or that they had been coerced.

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