Nebraska senator Ben Sasse takes voters for a ride – as an Uber driver


The Guardian:

**Nebraska senator Ben Sasse takes voters for a ride – as an Uber driver **

Nebraska senator Ben Sasse has admitted moonlighting as an Uber driver, although a spokesman said he was not doing so to supplement his congressional paycheque.
Responding to media interest in a Nebraskan user of the ride-sharing service who reported getting a ride from the senator in the city of Lincoln, on Saturday, Sasse tweeted: “Fact check? #real.”

Contacted by the Guardian, a spokesman for the senator said the Uber driving was part of an attempt to understand the work done by Sasse’s constituents.
“Senator Sasse does tons of Nebraska work events,” the spokesman said, “from changing tires on semi trucks to feeding cattle at 5am. This work tour was built around the changing and dis-intermediated economy, a subject he talks about frequently.”


While I don’t use Uber I like the reasoning behind the senator’s reason for doing so. It’s heartening to see a senator that is trying to understand his constituents as more than simply a series of numbers his aides present to him. I think he is relatively junior (i.e. maybe a couple years in the senate) so I hope he doesn’t loose sight of the fact that he works for those people and not for corporate sponsors… err… lobbyists. :wink:


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