Necessary to mention in Confession

Let’s say you are overly critical or judgmental of someone. That is wrong and may or may not be a grave matter. However, does any analysis of the sin change if you are being overly critical or judgmental of a priest? If you were to confess that sin, does the fact that involves a priest raise its importance to the level that you should mention it involved a priest or just say “been overly critical/judgmental/etc.”?

Speak the truth always and explain it like it is. I have come to learn that this is the best way no matter what.

Being critical, gossiping or telling information that is not necessary, changing your actions based on your view of someone’s character, not being charitable. These are serious enough sins when we are this way with our family, coworkers, neighbors. Not mortal perhaps, but something we should definately confess, whether it is the priest or not. We don’t have to say who we’ve gossiped about or thought poorly of.

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