Necessity for both bread and wine?

The Phoenix Diocese will stop offering consecrated wine for Communion at most Masses, a change considered one of the most fundamental to Roman Catholic Church customs in decades.

A diocesan statement said the change was being made based on Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted’s understanding of the church’s new translation of the Mass, called the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, and other church documents.

Could an Eastern Catholic bishop stop offering wine for Communion?

I’m sure he could, but he’d better be prepared for the uproar that such an action would most certainly cause.

When Toronto was in the throes of a communicable disease, our Churches, for a while, only offered the Consecrated Bread in Communion. It was given on the hand, but the communicants had to consume it and swallow etc. in front of the Priest.


The meaning of the Eucharist should be presented in its full forms (Bread & Wine) . .

I suspect Bishop Olmsted is doing this so he can then cut back on the number of Extraordinary Ministers at each Mass. If the Eucharist is only offered under one species you won’t need as many EMs.

My husband and I (who are Byzantine Catholic) were horrified when we went to Mass at a church in Phoenix a few years ago, and only the EMs distributed the Eucharist - while the priest sat at the altar. :eek:

(and in case you’re wondering, no, it wasn’t because he was disabled or ill - he’d had no trouble at all walking up and down the aisle to shake everyone’s hand during the Sign of Peace, or in walking out for the final procession.)

I know Bishop Olmsted will take some heat for this, as he has for his anti-altar girl stance, so I can only wish him luck.

The really shocking part here is that the priest is sitting AT the altar.


His Diocese of Phoenix Q&A on this is available here.

I’m sure this is a topic of much discussion in other sections of CAF.

However, no other diocese in the country is known to be following suit, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops told The Arizona Republic.

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