Necessity of Jesus' Death?


I seem to remember, way back in grammar school, that a nun told us that Jesus really didn’t need to suffer as much as He did, or even die. My recollection may be faulty, but she said that He chose to suffer and to die as an example of His profound love of us.

Is this true?


A friend of mine is getting his masters degree in Theology, and he wrote a blog post last year about how a little boy Jesus could have scrapped his knee while playing tag with his friends and offered that little bit of blood as the atoning sacrifice.
It’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure it holds up under scrutiny…

The Catechism and many church fathers and theologians seem to disagree with this statement.
I don’t think anyone explains exactly WHY Jesus had to die, or HOW his death precisely atoned for our sins, but I think the consensus is that his death was necessary.


This is from The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas

The following questions are answered.

Question 50. The death of Christ

  1. Was it fitting that Christ should die?
  2. Did His death severe the union of Godhead and flesh?
  3. Was His Godhead separated from His soul?
  4. Was Christ a man during the three days of His death?
  5. Was His the same body, living and dead?
  6. Was His death conducive in any way to our salvation?


To me, He reconciled Mankind to Himself
in His body of flesh thru death!(Col. 1:22)
Therefore He HAD to die. Also Peter said in his
Epistle that Christ “suffered in His flesh,
[so that] we should also arm ourselves
with the same intention” 1 Pet 4:1 and
Paul said: “We have died with Christ
and rose again w/ Him” cf. Gal 2:20;
Gal 3:1-3


To me, Jesus subjected Himself totally to cause and effect just as we all are. His preaching alienated the religious leaders of His times and this led to His Death. This was permitted by God’s Permissive Will and Jesus subjected Himself to it obediently.



Because the key ingredient, which is a correct understanding of Original Sin, is absent.


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