Neck-Worn Sacramentals Poll

If you wear a necklace-style sacramental, what is it? Personally, I just have a Miraculous Medal and a Crucifix .

  • Crucifix
  • Miraculous Medal
  • Other Saint Medal
  • Scapular
  • Rosary
  • Other (Comment below)

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I wear all except for the rosary, but not at the same time.

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As a Benedictine Oblate I always wear my St. Benedict medal.

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I encourage all Catholics to wear a brown scapular and a miraculous medal.

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I wear them separately. And I go through phases where I wear one for a while, then another.

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I have assorted choices for each day :slightly_smiling_face:
Enough for two weeks worth of originality.
The Miracoulous medal is my go to…when things are serious.
In fact, I have a small angel, with a trumpet, attached to it.

I love it !
Never knew “ polls “ existed !

Our Lady of Vladivostok Medal or Our Lady of Fatima Medal.

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Click on the gear icon when you compose a post, and there will be a "build poll’ option.

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I don’t wear anything right now (for reasons most probably already know), but as soon as I move out and get a brown scapular I’ll wear that under my clothes!


What’s your ‘other’ vote, if I may ask?

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Marian medals

I wear all at some time or another, (I wear something for awhile, then change it for another necklace) except the scapular and rosary. I also voted “other” because I’m currently wearing a diamond cross.

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As do I myself also. I also have a small Fatima Medal with it.

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Brown scapular with a crucifix and miraculous medal.

In Catholic school I remember learning that we were not supposed to wear rosaries. Has that changed?

My priests have said that a rosary necklace can be worn so long as you’re not wearing as “bling”. He said it was no different from a medal. So I wear mine under my clothes 24-7

I don’t think wearing rosaries is inherently wrong, only if you wear them for the wrong reasons. If you’re wearing it as a piece of jewelry, that is wrong, but to wear it under the clothing to remind ourselves to pray or something like that seems fine to me.

Now that I think about it, it makes me question why some rosaries are made to look really pretty. It seems almost like people want rosaries to be treated as jewelry.

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I wear a St. Michael medal.

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Brown scapular under my shirt and St Benedict Crucifix outside as advertisement. I have a rosary in a case in a pants pocket (never around my neck) and I used to have several medals attached to it but I have not been able to make them stay put.


Miraculous medal, Sacred Heart medal, the medal of my name saint, and a St Cecelia medal (since I’m a semi-pro musician*). * Semi-pro(fessional) means that while I have another type job as my primary source of income, throughout my life I have played for hire for various venues. Never enough to be my sole source of income --but hey, maybe when I retire!

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