Necklines: how low is too low to be modest?

I find myself wondering this when I buy clothing

Well, others may think I’m not conservative enough, but I say as soon as you can see even the hint of the cleavage crack, then it’s too low.

I’d tend to agree - mind you it’s also about how snugly said top fits. Some can have quite low necklines but still be rather loose and fairly modest.

A neckline should never be more than two finger widths below the collar bone. :wink:

It depends - are you wearing the top to a business meeting, to Mass or out dancing with your husband :slight_smile: Business meeting and Mass, no cleavage. For a fancy party dress, a tasteful V can be pretty.

I agree with kage. I think if you can see cleavage, it’s probably not as modest as you’d like…

I’ve read/heard this from many “modesty experts” as well.

are we talking pinkies or index fingers? are thumbs included? (My wifes thumbs are 28% wider than her pinkie, fyi) , and do you mean vertical or horizontal finger placement? it makes a great difference.

arbitrary rules that have been plucked from the air with no rhyme or reason often need additional clarification. perfectly understandable.

If your Brown Scapular is showing it’s too low. LOL

I agree with this, although one should keep in mind just how much cleavage one has… a V can go deeper on a lady with less cleavage and still be modest, but a well-endowed woman needs to be a bit more careful! :twocents:

If that’s the case I can wear a Vneck all the way down to my nether regions. Alas I was totally not blessed in that area

Okay, maybe when the V reaches your tummy, it is immodest no matter what other circumstances may be in play! :wink:

It depends on the age of the female. When they are two months old, no top is necessary. Right about now, I think my teens should have necklines starting at, say… mid-throat.

But that ain’t happening.

It depends on how well-endowed the female is. And I make them bend over to see what you can see when they are bending forward. Sometimes they’ve even come to me and asked me to sew the top a little higher.

No need to be showing cleavage, period (I guess different people may have different definitions of cleavage). When you look down you shouldn’t be able to see anything (nor should anyone standing by you if you are sitting). I did the two finger measurement below the collarbone but I think it can be a little lower on some people at least (especially if it is a V shape neckline, button shirt etc), just not anywhere that would cause anyone to look at your neckline instead of your face.

I once saw a lady walk out of confessional booth with cleavage down to there. Let’s hope she used the screen.

Bend over in the mirror. If you can see down your shirt, it’s too low.

You can always “rescue” low-cut shirts, however. Wear a camisole/tanktop underneath. I stock up when Wal-Mart, Target or Old Navy has a sale. I have a few silky ones to wear with nice things.

Too low is when it bothers your conscience or you keep meeting a lot more friendly men than usual or the police give you a citation…

LOL That was my thought too! I will say that since I started wearing a scapular that some tops I was OK with before, I no longer wear.

I have never liked too much cleavage to show. The cami/tank tops that are poular now are a great way to rescuse shirts you wouldn’t otherwise wear. My teen dd uses them alot to make today’s fashions acceptable to her (and to her parents! lol).

Or it gets you out of a citation!!

I agree. Once you reach the belly button you may want to rethink the outfit.:whistle:

ala J.Lo?

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