Need a bath in Holy Water: Super Bowl ads

I’m almost speechless. :eek:

How did we fall so far so fast? Porn web site ads in prime time? Each ad was worse than the one before it. (Except for Denny’s, which sort of made me laugh).

I no longer watch network TV. Mostly, I watch cartoons and EWTN and some travel and food-prep shows.

I had NO IDEA that this filth and hellfire is what passes for normal these days. God save us!

*:mad: I agree. KIDS are watching the superbowl for pete’s sakes…those ads were so annoying, and some immoral…I’m so over it. I didn’t watch all of the SB, I was flipping back and forth between a show I watch on Sunday nights, and that…dh was working. But, I caught a few. And ugh. I agree.

Especially that Doritos commercial…a single mother opens the door, to her boyfriend, I’m assuming, and he has flowers…she takes them, and says as she is walking out of the room–an introduction to her son. The son slaps the guy in the face when he tries to take a Dorito…and says…’‘don’t touch my mama, or my Doritos.’’ Something to this effect. I was like…are we serious with this sad ad? A little boy telling mom’s bf (whom he just met, this is how she introduces them??) to keep his hands to himself? Ugh. I don’t know, that commercial made me never want to buy Doritos again.

And I’m so over godaddy…what in the world is this site? I have never been, but keep hearing it advertised! *

There’s another reason not to buy Doritos, but that ad was bad enough. :frowning:

It’s no coincidence that I had bad dreams. But shouldn’t families be able to watch sporting events together? I remember some comment about Colts kicker Matt Stover being a man of faith—that’s a good thing.

Why do they have to pollute the broadcast? Maybe if enough of us complain, they’ll take notice.

I missed the Porn website ads, to which one are you referring? If you’re thinking the “GoDaddy” ads, then you are confused. GoDaddy is a domain name registration company, i.e. this means they are one of the companies you can turn to in order to get if you wanted a domain for your family.

I agree that their ads are tasteless though, and thus if/when I reserve a domain for my family I will do so using a different service provider. I loved the Denny’s ads as well, particularly the random cake ad that had the chicken come up screaming. My fiance and I both liked “budwiser recycled can house”, and the people bridge was clever. I was somewhat let down by Tim Tebow’s ad, it was rather watered down. Certianly it made the pro-abortion groups look completely foolish in their comments (it supports domestic abuse), but on the otherhand it failed to make a strong case out of Tebow’s mom’s selflessness.

Otherwise this superbowls’ ad’s were rather forgettable at least as far as I remember. I loved last year’s bridgstone commercial with Mr. Potato Head.

The “casual Friday” ad for (I think that’s who it was for; so hard to tell WHAT they’re advertising anymore!) was about the worse. Did we really need to see a bunch of people walking around in their underwear? Same with the Dockers ad with the men with no pants.

The Doritos ad with the little kid was the ONLY Doritos ad I liked. At least the kid had some standards!

The Budweiser Clydesdales–as usual–pulled off the best ad, IMO.

The bad point about the chip ad was here we had a boy without a father acting as his mother’s father.

The ad which caught my attention was the future look at the “Green Police”. At a world without freedom, unless you drove an “approved” Audi.

[quote="4Squarebaby, post:6, topic:186084"]
The bad point about the chip ad was here we had a boy without a father acting as his mother's father.

The ad which caught my attention was the future look at the "Green Police". At a world without freedom, unless you drove an "approved" Audi.


THAT was pretty scary, too.

That one was too close to what might be reality for comfort.

Given all the historical connotation of the acronym, why anyone would name a company ‘kgb’ is beyond me…

Yeah, that one WAS scary! :eek:

Most of the ads were horrible. But I did like the Coke ad with the Simpsons, and the Snickers ad with Betty White (enough said). :smiley:

I can’t tell what direction that commercial was going. Was it trying to show:
*]The absurdity of eco-facism?
*]A prophetic look at America’s future?
*]Someone’s vision of how things “are supposed to be?”

It just seems so over the top that it seemed to be poking fun at the green movement, not supporting it. I just can’t tell.

I don’t watch sports, but I checked out the ads online. This one, Man’s last stand is truly disturbing. It sounds like the average husband is totally whipped, hates his wife and the only thing that can restore his manhood and keep him from going over the edge is a Dodge Charger.

Did anybody see the US Census ad? It showed the census workers totally confused and unprepared to start – dunno what massage they were trying to convey, maybe, “Yes, everything you’ve heard about gov’t workers is true”?

There appeared to be quite a number of ads targeted at emasculated, or supposedly emasculated, men this time around.

I did like the Kia and Hyundai commercials with the toys in the Kia Sorento and Brett Favre winning the 2020 MVP award, respectively, though.

we tivoed it thank goodness so we skipped most of the ads, but checked out the ones they talked about afterward.
Good: stress on real manhood, masculinity
Bad: completely perverted definition of real manhood and masculinity
they guy in the bathtub needs to start using Lifeboy and get one of those mini TVs

Virtually ALL current ads are like that: men are blundering, skirt-wearing fools, and only women and bratty kids know what’s going on.

This infuriates me. The man is good enough to support his ungrateful family, but not worthy of respect.

I think if anthropologists of the future had only Super Bowl ads to reconstruct American culture after it implodes, they will have all the research material they need to see how destruction of the family, beginning with the destruction of true manhood, achieved the enemy’s goals.

i also think if I did have a business or product I wanted to promote I would choose a horse over a human as a spokesperson any day.

I think this has been a trend for a few years now… it REALLY bugs me. Over and over again I see ads where the mother is shown as being oh so wise and the huband is bumbling idiot… almost like a child in need of correction. I am so insulted on behalf of my husband and sons. :mad:

Best Super Bowl ad IMHO: The Doritos ad with the Dog who wanted a chip. I laughed out loud - literally.

My family watched The Sound of Music instead of the Superbowl. “Daddy, you missed the start! There were nuns!” :nun2:

I’m glad I missed the Superbowl now; those ads just seem weird.

What you see mentioned here is exactly why I posted my thread “Alternatives to the Super Bowl” last week.

Didn’t watch it. Don’t care who won and. don’t even know what the score was. And don’t want to know.

God bless


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