Need a bath in Holy Water: Super Bowl ads

I thought the “Casual Friday” ad was hilarious!! I guess it was so ridiculous it made me laugh. I do agree with everyone about the Doritos ad… the other couple we were watching with and us were just silent at the end of it. What a sad statement about society.

The Green Police as made me roll my eyes, but I found out it was in part supposed to be making fun of all the rules that ACTUALLY exist in San Francisco, where the ad company that made this as is headquartered.

I didn’t watch the game, but I watched all of the ads on Hulu afterwards. I thought the Google ad was creative and very sweet. I also loved the Volkswagen one, both for the music (“Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear) and for Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder at the end.

Just want you to know that the SAINTS won. This may help to show that perseverance is important. We all want to be saints … at least I hope so … and we need to work towards that. New Orleans is a city of saints and sinners and I hope we continue to pray that the saints can overcome their sins. GOD has won , but we need to continue the fight.

So far I haven’t seen anything about it on EWTN (for shame) BUT, another ‘religion’ channel had pre-game interviews with all the Christian players on both teams.

Watching those Satanic ads, you forget that there are indeed some Godly fellows on the field, and they are not ashamed to talk about Jesus.

Sorry – I have a really difficult time relating anything having to do with a football team winning a game to ‘God winning’. Just because the New Orleans Saints won it doesn’t dismiss or ‘cleanse’ the depravity of the ads or the event

And I pray that EWTN doesn’t cave in and feel it too has to shove this event down our throats. IMHO sport today has gotten so far away from healthy competition and fun, and become a ‘god’ of its own taking precedence and importance over God. That is something I refuse to sign on to.

God Bless


Oh come on now whats with all the whining?

If there is anything to be said about this years ads is that they were terrible at best.

I respectfully disagree, and believe it is a GOOD thing to interview sports stars who are unabashed about their faith. EWTN has plenty of shows where that would fit right in—Life on the Rock, for instance; The Abundant Life.

I do agree with you. (Hmm … I disagree with myself then? :confused:)

Actually, I would have no problem with EWTN interviewing sports stars who are strong in their faith This is exactly what we need in order to move away from the, shall we say, less palatable aspects of sports. What I would object to is if EWTN joined in the ‘we have to do this cause its super bowl week’ atmosphere that envelopes our society at that time.

God bless


I understand what you're saying---but it's also a good time to catch people's attention.

Like complaining about the people who only show up for Mass at Christmas and Easter---but you never know what they might hear at that time to bring them home.

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