Need a bit of help here

Ok well I was reading some of the forum posts when I came across somebody saying that Priests aren’t truly holy, hermits are.
Which was then followed up with the person saying Priests give people the watered down version of sinning and such.
Now I am somebody who quite worries about these sorts of things and thought I was making progress about not sinning, but now after reading this post I am really worrying! Is this true if so then is everything my priest has said to me about sinning and such been wrong?
I am now doubting the things my priest has said to me because of this post.
Is this person right? I am just worrying now and I have my major exams coming up next week I am stressing enough but now I am stressing over this!

Can somebody help please!

Stop it.

Your pastor is trustworthy. Your bishop has placed him in your parish for the spiritual welfare of his flock.

Stop reading random things on the internet. Anonymous internet posters can say anything. If you lack the proper discernment at this point to detect ridiculous statements when you read them, then I suggest you stop reading internet forums for a while.

I know the post you are referring to. That person was wrong, both on the subject which he was commenting on, and on the issue of hermits vs. priests.

Thanks, it’s just I am trying to learn more about my faith in various ways and when I came across this statement it just struck a fear in me, looking at it now I realise your correct in what you say a problem with me is I am quite trusting and I see a lot of things as truth.
I think i will stop reading these sorts of posts and I suppose when I talk to my priest about this we will probably laugh at my misjudgment and gullible attitude.

Thank you 1ke.

Thank You For Your Response as I said to 1ke I am quite trusting and see peoples statements as truth.
Thank you for your time

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