Need a bit of NFP help


I am in my 5th chart, but I have noticed my luteal phases have been, 1 of 11 days, one of 10 and 2 of 13 days long. I know the normal is 12-14. I’m wondering if anyone could tell me if mine are indeed short as I suspect it, or if I’m normal. I read on the Art of NFP book that there are some supplements called optivite that may help regulate the luteal phase.

Anyone here ever heard if that’s true? Am I just freaking out for no purpose? I’ve always had the fear of not being able to have babies, and saw that the shorter the luteal phase, the more likely your cycles aren’t fertile. And with this, I’m freaking out even more about not being able to get pregnant when the time comes for that…



Mine were all over the map. Still had three kids. I notice mine are longer when I remember to take multivitamins.


If I remember correctly, I think a lp of 9 days or less might cause problems. The reason is that after a new life is conceived, it takes 6-8 days to implant in the uterus. If your lp is, for example, only 8 days long that cycle, then there is a chance that your body would just start menstruation and the baby wouldn’t have had a chance to implant properly. Of course the larger picture of a short lp is that it might indicate some type of hormonal imbalance.

In your case, I think it looks pretty normal. Some women (like you) have 10-11 day lp’s. Some women have 16 day lp’s. Just normal variation. Really REALLY try not to stress about it. If for some reason you notice over time that they become mostly in the 8 or 9 day range, then I would seek some help from an NFP trained doc.


Technically, luteal phases less than 9 days are problematic. But my experience (which may or not apply to others) was that I did not concieve until my luteal phases were closer to 12 to 13 days. (I had about 1 1/2 years of 9-11 day luteal phases.)

There’s a good book called Fertility, Cyles, and Nutrition with info on a lot of this kind of thing. They talk a lot about Optivite. I never ordered the stuff, but started taking B12 (recommended for short luteal phases). You might try to find a copy of the book. I would offer to check mine, but we just moved and I have NO idea where it is! :eek:



Thanks! I was beginning to think I was weird :rotfl: well, more like irregular. My next step was to contact the Dr and wife who taught us NFP. I hope things keep going smoothly! And just for the sake of my health, I’m going to find some vitamins or optivite… I’m pretty sure that won’t hurt me.


Ok, I ran across my Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition book and realized I told you the wrong vitamin. B6 is recommended for short luteal phases. They suggest 200-600 mg a day.

Sorry about that!



Thanks for letting me know that!


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