Need a book on Christian v. Secular worldviews


I’m looking for a book that explores the differences between how Christians (and theists in general) view the world as compared with secularists. I am especially interested in a study of how most (secular) people in the Western world think today, why they think this way, and the foundations of these ways of thinking.

I would especially like a book that analyzes the different philosophies of the Englightenment, post-Enlightenment and Modern eras from a Christian (or even non-Western, theist) perspective.

During public school and private college I was mostly led to believe that the Enlightenment figures were great intellectual pillars of light, advancement and pillars of truth amid superstitious Christians who dogmatically held to what they believed was revealed by their God. While I believe that many of the Enlightenment figures had valuable things to say, I wonder if too much credence is full-heartedly placed in these philosophies, many of which result in anti-Christian biases.

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The Secular Humanists recently published a book detailing their new “religion” and it was discussed a few months ago on this forum. Searching is becoming unwieldy but you might give it a shot, or perhaps the poster is still active and will respond.

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