Need a book title, help!

Hi, my name is Phillip Bennetzen and I just recently swam the Tiber river this past Easter. I just recently wrote a chronicle of what led up to my conversion and the six major doctrines that impacted. My original intent was for this to be a three page essay, however, it has turned into a 17 page work with nearly 7000 words. I’m soon going to be posting my conversion story on my website, and printing it off as a pamphlet to pass out. I need your all’s help titling my conversion story. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
If you need to know more about me to form a title visit my blog at

Thanks, Phill Bennetzen

It’s a bit hard to title a book that one hasn’t read.

Why not just call it
Swimming the Tiber
6 Reasons I Swam the Tiber
Phillip Swam the Tiber
Why I Swam the Tiber
Why’d the Chicken Cross The Road - So He Could Swim the Tiber

p.s. I look forward to reading it

That’s what I was thinking as well: it’s hard to give something a title when you haven’t read it.

That said, here are my awesome ideas! :thumbsup:
*]The Catholic Adventures of Philly B.
*]The Fantabulous Extra-fantastic Conversion of Phill
*]The Wondrous Works of the Lord: A Story of Phill
*]Phill’s Amazing Catholic Odyssey
*]And He Was Philled with the Holy Spirit
*]Blest Are They Who Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness, For They Shall Be Phill
*]Why I Became Catholic, and Why You Should Be Catholic, Too!
*]Augustine, Newman, and Phill: Stories of the Catholic Church’s Greatest Converts
*]All Roads Lead to Rome, and All Boats Cross the Tiber
*]One Fine Day: An Easter Vigil I’ll Never Forget
*]Scott Hahn’s Conversion Story [this title will greatly increase the traffic on your blog! Go Google! ;)]
*]Phillibuster: How I Was Talked into Becoming Catholic

I could go on, but I probably shouldn’t. :o :wink: :smiley:

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