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Sorry to post this here, I don’t have access to the CA Book Club. I am looking for a book or any links or articles for my husband (something I could read too) along the lines of finding your faith again - he has fallen away. Also maybe something for the Christian dealing w/ depression (again for husband) w/ regards to direction in life (career, head of household/family).

Thanks in advance.


For the finding your faith again books, I would recommend Patrick Madrid’s Surprised by Truth books. He has another one for fallen away family members, but I can’t think of its title right now.

For depression, Fr. Benedict Groeschel has one. I think it’s Arise from Darkness. I have it somewhere in my collection. However, it’s not easily accessible right now.

Someone wrote one called Boys to Men. Tim Gray? I am really fuzzy on the author of this one.

These are books that helped DH years ago when we were really beginning to learn more about our faith.


Well, it’s not specifically for any of the things you mentioned, but I highly recommend the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska:
Divine Mercy in My Soul. You can get it here:
You can read all about the message of Divine Mercy at the link in my signature.

It’s a long book, but one that you can read just little bits of at a time if you wish.

Prayers for your husband. :crossrc:

ETA: Scott Hahn has many great books on various topics, perhaps one (or more) of them would be good. :thumbsup:


“Mother Angelica’s Answers, Not Promises”


Second for Fr. Groeschel’s work.

Also, Matthew Kelly - “Rediscovering Catholicism”, “The Rhythm of Life” - and his new book - title escapes me, but, if you look him up on Amazon, you will see many books. Matthew Kelly is a very good motivational speaker.


I second this. This book is a VERY easy read, with real answers to real questions.

I also second the Surprised by Truth books by Patrick Madrid.

Also, Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer. It’s a collection of short, true stories of amazing faith and amazing grace.



I also second Matthew Kelly. DH and I are currently reading “rediscovering Catholicism” together right now.


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