Need a few married ladies for some help


Wow, that looks wierd as a title. First off, I can assure you that this is a real thing I need help with and also guaranteed to be moral, not a secret you have to keep from anyone and something I encourage you to share with your husband.

I am only being a bit elusive in this post becuase I want to be careful about explaining what I am doing. It is a project that I am doing both as a cathartic exercise and an attempt to bring good out of bad.

What I need are a few married women who can look over some of my work (all written stuff, no pictures. The text is aimed at a squarely PG audience).

Since I am male, I need a group of women who can look it over and tell me if I’ve missed the mark from a woman’s perspective. This all sounds secretive, but only because I want to screen out people who are not serious about: their faith, their marriage, their children (and grandchildren if they have any) and the difficulties that can arrive when some of these priorites come in conflict. This may be the most important work of my life, and I greatly desire that it be done well. I can and will give more details to anyone who PM’s me.

So, if you are married (happily or unhappily, but you must be committed to the marriage), deeply devoted to your faith and don’t mind reading things and offering an opinion, please PM me.

The subect of the work is an examination of what can happen when a married couple goes through the conversion to another branch of the Christian faith for only one of them. (Resulting in a mixed-faith marriage)

thanks for your consideration.


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