Need a gift recommendation for a coffee person

I bought my GF a milk frother to make cappuchinos at home, but I want to get her some flavored concoction to make them. I don’t drink coffee or cappuchinos, so I don’t know what to get. All I have in town is a Wal-Mart and another grocer and we’re meeting for dinner Friday, would like to give it to her then.

Thanks in advance!

A lot of people who are serious enough about coffee to make their own espresso at home do not go in for flavored coffees.

If she is Catholic, you might slip in a note that you are making an order for her from Mystic Monk Coffee, which is roasted by Carmelite monks in Wyoming. No worries about the politics of Starbucks with them!

Here is the link to their monastery; it has a link to their coffee and gifts web site.

I just wanted to say thank you for this tip and the link.:thumbsup:

Just what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks for sharing the link.

The only “flavoring” that people from Latin America add to their espresso is sugar. If I have a cappuccino, I rarely add a tiny sprinkle of ground cinnamon. That is about it.

Merry Christmas!

Long time coffee enthusiast here.

I really recommend against getting a flavored coffee. Those tend to be pretty gross and most people who really love coffee hate them. But, if you want to get a nice espresso and a flavored syrup, that might work really well. Just make sure that the syrup is of high quality, and rich flavors, as opposed to fruity ones or those that are overly sweet, tend to be best as well.

The world’s strongest coffee: Death Wish Coffee. I got a monthly subscription, and I haven’t looked back. WOOO! :bounce:

Flavoured syrups are probably the way to go - as an espresso fan, I’d suggest that you stick to things like caramel or hazelnut that sweeten and complement rather than conflict with the taste.

Monin make good syrups (some of them sugar-free) and I expect that you can get them in the US (possibly on Amazon).

Wonderful idea. Plus their coffee is great.

You might also like the mystic monks:

You might want to do a little snooping around her kitchen–not all coffee lovers like flavorings in their coffee. (personally, I don’t like them at all, aside from a touch of chocolate now and then).

How about a gift card for a coffee shop? It seems a little bit impersonal, but it’s a recurring gift–she’ll enjoy it each time she uses it.

A combination travel press/thermal mug might be nice, along with a little high-quality coffee ground for use in a French press.

Ah, a nice box of high-quality dark chocolates–who likes espresso and yet does not like dark chocolate? A very nice biscotti–maybe even homemade?–is also a possibility. These only work if the recipient does not have to watch her weight too much. Sometimes gourmet coffee is the indulgence of choice for those who can’t afford to take in too many calories.

(Bolding Mine) Story of my adult life!!!

Somewhere we have a small cookbook at home that has only biscotti recipes in it. When the person gave it to my wife, she included some homemade biscotti with it.

They aren’t hard to make; it is just the two-step process that some people don’t like to bother with.

I was pleased to see that Mystic Monk Coffee rated very well on a neutral coffee review website:

If my screen name is any indication…I know a thing or two about coffee. Mystic Monk is by far my favorite coffee brand. I just wish mainstream stores in my area would carry it so I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping!

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