need a job


May I please have some prayers,as i am leaving right now for a job interview,I need a job desperatly.Haven’t worked in a few yrs.I’m sixty yrs. old so I defiantly need prayers I a little old to be hired anywhere.Thank you all.


I am definitely praying for you, my friend. Please Lord, be with Bubbie today at the job interview and also with the person conducting the interview. Please let them see all of the goodness from this person and let them not be discouraged by the age of Your follower. Please let this work out according to Your Will.:signofcross:


Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be…

Good St. Joseph be with Bubbie today in seeking employment. Help him/her find the right job at the right time. And, may our Lord provide for all Bubbie’s needs. Amen.

Hang in there, Bubbie! It may take some time before you are hired, but God will look after you in the meantime. My dh too is not a young person anymore, and it took quite a while for the right opportunity to come along, but it did, and we ate, and had all we needed until he did. So, keep hope alive and know that God has something just for you. :slight_smile:


I had not idea you were job searching!!! The person who hires you will be a very lucky employer!!

I will pray for God to bless you with the perfect job!!


Dear Bubbie…will keep you in daily prayer with St. Joseph The Worker that you find happy employment…


I’ll be praying for you. I’ll be 57 in November and I will be out there looking for a job when I return to Louisiana - we don’t have enough money to finish our house so I have to go back to work and I’m hoping being unemployed since Katrina will not hurt nor will my age. I’m going back on Saturday and I’m scheduled for cataract surgery on Tuesday - the eyes have to be cleared up before I can even think of looking for a job. Best of luck in your job search - I don’t see why it has to be so hard for us older folks after all we have the experience and usually a better work ethics than the young - you just need to search for the boss who feels that way. :signofcross:


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