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Was interested to find out that is nothing more than an advertisement site. So thought id find a protestant forum, low and behold, No harm in looking i figured. Clicking on the first thing i saw linked to catholicism there was a lady with a catholic boyfriend and was trying to win him over. Now, we wonder why its so damn hard to win over protestants sometimes, heres the answer, just listen to the beginning of a reply to the ladys problem:

You obviously have an basic understanding about the huge differences between Christianity and Romanism. Sadly, many professing Christians think that there are some superficial differences between the two but that we basically believe the same things about God. That couldn’t be further from the truth however as as Christians we follow Christ, where Romanists follow Antichrist. The beliefs are worlds apart.

Full thing here:

If every “born again christain” is reading things like that its no wonder they dont want to be catholic. This is coupled with the earlier thread saying they couldnt join a protestant forum because they were catholic. They really are deluded beyond reason.



This is one of the reasons why I cannot commit myself to date someone who is not a Catholic, the disagreements for a start.
The complications with it as well.

God Bless
Saint Andrew.


:eek: What kind of worldview does someone have to live in when you believe you have followers of the Antichrist living in your neighborhood and shopping at the grocery store with you? They sure throw the word “Antichrist” around casually.


The girl from your Protstant thread, skattas, has posted here. If this little bit of drama interests you, you may want to read her and her boyfriend’s thread:

The responses between and couldn’t be farther apart!



I reread that board again and you’re right RyanL - couldn’t be more different. I just realized that the reply with the “Antichrist” reference was from an Administrator. What’s that all about? :eek:


With the situation as it is (yes I went and read the posts) I would tell both parties to RUN in differing directions and not look back.

IMHO There can be no winners here. With the biggest loosers being the future children.


They label Catholics and Mormons as cults and “heterodoxis” or something like that. Odd because Catholicism has about twice as many supporters as Protestantism. And Mormons are NOT HALF as rambunctions as they are. they also say Jehovahs Wittnesses are cults too. And JWs arent horrible as them either, in fact they always seem so joyful. Even though they are annoying. How mean.


In looking at the posting dates, this site is rarely used by anyone. That didn’t stop me from logging in and inviting people here!


[quote=RyanL]In looking at the posting dates, this site is rarely used by anyone. That didn’t stop me from logging in and inviting people here!

:thumbsup: Let’s see if the Administrator visits us!


Actually, the site is more sad then anything else.:frowning: I am proud of this site, we tend to be more accepting. Why is that? What is there about PRotestantism that makes some followers so narrow minded?


Did anyone notice that the person who wrote about the Antichrist is the SITE OWNER?? Member number 1


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