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Hello firstly I would like to say this question is mainly to other males on this forum but if you feel you could aid me in some advice feel free to continue reading. Also apologies as this question is a bit crude.

Okay so in early January I realised Masturbation was a sin in which I tried to avoid it and I feel I am making great progress in avoiding the temptation of it, and as I have stopped the side effect that comes with that is Nocturnal emissions (wet dreams), and the thing is when I usually used to have them I used to wake up during the release or just before and it used to be close the time when I usually get up, but lately I have been waking up with the aftermath of one of these releases, the aftermath having dried which implies it happened quite a while ago but I have no recollection of waking up like I usually do but I also do not remember committing no acts mentioned at the start of this paragraph, but there is one part of me that is doubtful that because I do not remember the release or it being close to when I get up one part of me thinks it is masturbation even though I have no recollection of me doing any sort of acts.
And I suppose I am worrying a little bit in case I am somehow committing masturbation even though I cannot remember it, it has happened twice in 2 days maybe, my night clothes are too tight around that area or maybe because I am 16 it’s my hormones that is causing this.
Any way any advice as too an explanation to this above or the question I posed whether it is sinful it would be greatly appreciated.

As an added note, I was watching a video game review on youtube when out of the blue the guy mentions they shouldn’t have included nudity and the camera cuts to the top half of a girl but luckily her breasts were censored, I still tried to look away but it kinda caught me a bit by surprise, just having a quick question as to whether that was a sin or not.

Please before any of you say it, I am rather scrupulous and I have talked to it with my priest it is just little occasions like this make me pose a question and as it is mid week just would like a bit of reassurance.


It is good that you are trying to make sure you are not sinning in this area. Just remember, if you honestly can’t recall doing anything (or not doing anything, for that matter), then at worst, you were only partially conscious. I think you have only sinned if you consciously thought “I am going to do this (even though I know it’s wrong)”. It sounds as if this situation is not a sin on your part. Just keep on doing what you’re doing to prevent masturbation, and eventually the wet dreams will occur less often and you won’t have to worry about it so much.

Overall, just don’t worry too much about it - while God wants us to know when we sin so that we can come to Him for forgiveness and mercy, he doesn’t want us to live in fear thinking everything we do might be a sin. As long as you are honestly trying to prevent sin, and in this case, if you aren’t consciously committing the act, you are doing fine.

Thanks for your answer! :thumbsup:

Nocturnal emissions, wet dreams, are not in any way a sin as we cannot control our dreams.

Avoid immodest pictures but don’t obsess over it.

The best advice for someone your age is probably regular strenuous physical activity, healthy hobbies, reading. Teens have much energy that needs to be used in positive pursuits.

Stay strong and remember to pray; you are not alone. As you exert more control over your thoughts (and your eyes) it will become easier and your problem should diminish but NEVER let up or you will find yourself right back where you started. God bless you, you’re doing great!

The only way a sin is a sin is by full knowledge and consent to it. God Bless!

Be careful of what you view for it is a lasting image. Take care Brother!

This would still be a sin, but a sin of a different degree, what your meaning is that it is not a mortal sin, it is still a venial sin, which is forgiven with communion.

Pray, pray, pray. And pray some more. Wet dreams are OK. Also to the quick nudity thing is fine. Don’t worry you didn’t sin. Jesus loves you. Stay vigilant and keep on praying!


The problem is that you had no no consent towards this act. When you’re asleep your subconscious roams freely, and you’re not really self aware or in full control of yourself.

Wet dreams are not sinful, because it really is a somewhat uncontrollable factor. If you want to try to avoid these nocturnal emissions, I suggest probably staying away from things that you know will sexually arouse you.

Do not try to purposefully put yourself in a situation, which you know will cause you to lust. If you avoid lust then slowly and surely your mind will become cleansed.

Good luck and God Bless!

Hey buddy. You’re not sinning by having a wet dream. Especially if you don’t remember tending to it in your sleep. Relax

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