Need a little help.

I’m doing a prayer service for a canoe trip(6th-8th graders will be going) and I need a few ideas on how to tie this in with God’s love. Perferable with scripture. I know it’s bit tough to relate, but help would be great.

I’ve got an idea- not scripture for you.You can connect the kids working together getting the canoe down to dock safely- to the apostles in Acts working together to bring souls to God.If you want to keep water as a metaphor-Jesus Baptis m Matt.3 Look to anytime Jesus was on the Sea of Galilee.Let scripture talk to you-the ideas will come. Good Luck, Good hunting.

Ah, come on! Easy, Julia!

Conoe = a modern analog of the Boat Type, a symbol for “the Church.”

God lovingly preserved Noah and his family in the ark. God saved Moses the infant in his “ark.” Christ taught the people from Peter’s boat in Luke 5. Christ saved the Apostles from a storm-tossed sea in their boat.



A person could also say Canoe = a modern analog of the Boat Type, a symbol for “the Church.” Keeping the canoe center stream and upright can be tied to the secular pulls in day to day life. it takes all in the boat to ensure this happens. :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help guys. This what I got so far…

The canoe you are riding in is like the church. By staying in the canoe(church) we are safe from the dangers around the water. The dock at the end of the river is Heaven. However we can not reach Heaven alone. The purpose of your buddy is to help you get to Heaven. Just as the apostles in the book of Acts worked together to get other souls to Heaven, we are working to our souls to Heaven. Our goal is to stay in the center of the river so that we are not caught on the jagged rocks along the sides. Can you think of a time when your life was caught on jagged rocks of life? Sometimes the river will pull you to one side or the other just like the secular society we live in. All it takes is a few seconds of not paying attention and the temptation of can easily pull us away from the center of the river getting us caught up upon jagged rocks in life.

**I have a couple of thoughts to share. First, riding in the canoe would be more equivalent to being “in Christ” as opposed to a church, but each local church could be each canoe and all reaching the same goal; where in the end they are all united in Christ. The paddling and the trip itself is the journey of sanctification, which every believer justified before God will persevere to the end of the “trip” if you will. Each canoe heads the same direction, but do to different obstacles and currents of life we take a slightly different path, but the result is the same.

If someone falls overboard or a canoe tips, then this is when we get of the narrow path because of sin and temporarily outside of His blessing. We shake ourselves off and get back in the canoe or “on track with God” and continue on with the sanctifying work.

Also, when 2 or 3 are paddling and one gets tired; then the other 2 pick up the slack; this is how brothers and sisters in Christ step up to help the weaker brother or sister.

Hope this helps; I love canoeing and what a great idea to show them the love of God.

Blessing, good luck, and have fun!


Tanner, thanks for your helpful post, especially the part about it be a sanctifying journey.

I really like to canoe also. I remember doing it years back in middle school, and now I’m doing it again, except I’ll be the one leading with the prayer service. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks again for all your help every one. I gave the speech today on the canoe trip today, and it worked out pretty well. Had a lot of fun and got wet. :slight_smile:

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