Need a new missal - what to buy?


So, since I’ve been going to the TLM more regularly, I’ve been using an old Marian missal that I picked up at a parish sale. While it does the job, it’s 50 years old and I’m nervous about damaging it. Thus, I’m on the market for a new missal.


I am using this one

It has everything you need for every day. I used to have a 3-volume set with 2 books for weekdays and one for Sundays but I got tired of having to remember which book to have in the car. Now I have all in one.
This missal also has a lot of extras like prayers, lating translations etc.

Gefiam, isn’t the Daily Roman Missal to be used for the new mass? I use its little brother The Handbook of Prayers. I have seen the Daily Roman Missal, and it is lovely, but it is not meant to be used at the TLM. Sgt Sweaters, please check some of the recent posts about missals for the TLM such as those published by Baronius and the Angelus Press. Other posters have reviewed them quite thoroughly.

I use the New Marian Missal mostly. Its from the
CMRI fathers, its really nice.

Angelus Press and Baronius Press both produce lovely
hand missals, although they can be expensive.

Missal Comparison

A Primer in Catholic Missals

A Comparison of Hand Missals currently in print

I just bought one on eBay for next to nothing. Its a St. Joseph Daily Missal, I am assuming that it will be for the weekday masses, and since I usually only attend those TLM’s it will be very helpful.

I looked at many different ones, and I, too, ended up buying the St. Joseph’s 1956 Daily Missal on eBay (~$15 + SH).

I still have my St Joseph Daily Missal from 1960; it included Sundays as well as weekdays.

The St Joseph Sunday Missal was for Sundays and holydays and a few 2nd- or 1st-class feasts.

The last one was the Continuous Missal, if I remember correctly. There you didn’t have to go back and forth and needed but one ribbon.

I received that missal as a Christmas present just before Vatican II. Sad to say, I sold it later thinking that I would never have a chance to use it.

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