Need a parish recomendation from KC area

My family and I are going to World’s/Ocean’s of Fun this weekend. We will be leaving Sunday and I need a parish recommendation from that area for Sunday morning before we leave. Preferable one that is close to the World’s of Fun area. :slight_smile: I looked at Mass Times and the KC area has a ton of parishes. :eek: :thumbsup: I just don’t know which ones will be close to where we are staying.

So which parishes do you guys and gals recommend?

Just wanted to clarify that KC is short for Kansas City in case anyone was wondering.

I think Our Lady of Good Council is a beautiful church, but it’s kind of hard to find. They are very orthodox there, though. I know a few people who go there. Cure of Ars in Leawood is good, too. We usually go to their noon mass on Sundays if we’re in the city. Also, church of the Nativity is nice. Those are the only ones I’ve been to. I think of all those, Good Council is the closest to Worlds of Fun.You know, they’re all pretty big parishes. I’d recommend our parish, but it’s an hour south on 69 hwy and our only mass time is 6:30 on Saturday night. It’s the shrine to St. Rose Philipine Duchesne. :slight_smile:

I hope you have a great time on your trip! I’ve lived in the KC area all my life and I’ve never actually been to Worlds of Fun. I’ve heard it’s great, though!:thumbsup:

Can’t tell any specific church, but what I did while I was in Brooklyn was to narrow the
nearest church by using the zip code. Then I checked their schedules. I actually got
to go a Catholic church that was 2 or 3 blocks from the World Trade Center. (I was
staying at the Marriott at the Brookly Bridge.)It was only 2 or 3 metro stops away,
with the hotel being across the street from the metro.
Since you know the address of where you are going to be, google maps of the area
and see where the two are after you know the zip or address of the church/churches.

Oh, I totally should have given you this before. Here is a great website for that. It’s called and you can search any zip-code and find the closest mass-times, confessions, and even adoration. Here’s the page that has the ones closest of the the Worlds of Fun zip-code(64161)

Hope you have a great trip!:thumbsup:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: I will definitely remember to look at the zip codes next time.

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