Need a resource for the first crusade

Does anyone have a reliable resource which shows that the eastern christians were persecuted under the islamic rule of certain islamic states which had sparked the crusades. If so, please post it down below.

Here is an excerpt from Pope Urban II’s speech where he called the first Crusade: [The Muslims] have invaded the lands of those Christians and depopulated them with sword, [rape,] and fire. Some of their captives they have led away to their own country, some they have cruelly slain. The churches of God they have either entirely destroyed or appropriated for the rites of their own religion. … [Therefore take] the road to the holy Sepulchre, capture that land from the evil nation and subject it to yourselves. [For that] land was given by God to the children of Israel as a possession. (Speech at Clermont) Is that the kind of thing you are looking for?

One of the world’s foremost authorities on the Crusades is Dr. Thomas Madden, here are some links to a few of his articles for the layman:

Your local library might have his lecture series in the Modern Scholars Series: “God Wills It!”: Understanding the Crusades

Some of his books:
The Concise History of the Crusades (Critical Issues in World and International History) by Thomas F. Madden (Mar 16, 2014) - I’ve read the previous version and it was excellent

Crusades: The Illustrated History by Thomas F. Madden (Sep 12, 2005)

I noticed a video lecture of his, but haven’t watched it yet: Thomas F. Madden, Ph.D. The Crusades: Then and Now

I just viewed the video I put in my reply. It is an excellent introduction to the topic. You might want to start with that.

I recently listened to The Real Story of the Crusades and it discussed the 1st crusade, though perhaps not in the kind of detail you’re wanting. Still it was very interesting.

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