Need a shot in the arm


I have recently moved to our new parish and it seems that the committee I am on lacks muster. They are faithful people but the whole parish lacks any enthusiasm. Some appear to be little more than clock punchers on Sunday. What have you done to give your parish a little fire? Our parish is more rural and has a Hispanic/Anglo ratio of 60/40.



As a starting point, each committee meeting should begin with a prayer.


Perhaps your parish needs to celebrate some of the feast days important to both groups by having festivals, crownings, special days/nights of prayer. Try contacting your diocese for any materials they might have for revitalization and sort through your options. In a word, think outside the box. :slight_smile:


I have three suggestions which some will not be particularly happy with but they do work.

  1. Look into Christ Renews His Parish program. The headquarters in Ohio can probably help you find a team to get it started.

  2. Have people take part in a Cursillo Weekend.

  3. Invite a Catholic Charismatic Group approved by your diocese to come in and put on a Life In The Spirit seminar.

Lastly see if you can get fellow parishioners to spend time in Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament during the week for a significant number of weeks. For lack of a better number try nine weeks.


One of the things I liked about growing up in Rhode Island is that every week during the summer was a parish feast (we had lots of Catholic parishes).

Why not have a feast to raise money for the parish and charity? They tend to be a lot of fun, a good tradition, and a great way for people to share their various gifts.


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