Need Advent Help!


Help Please…I know I am dumb…but…

This year my wife and I got a cool advent calendar for our son, and you get to pull a piece out every day, but…

when do we start (we already did, but just so we can do it right).

Cause their are only 24 days…so we started on Dec 1st…but then we get baby Jesus on Dec 24th…

but then advent really started last sunday…which would put us wayyyy off.

Can someone please clarify?


Advent Calendars are not “liturgical.” You start on December 1 and yes, baby Jesus comes on Christmas eve . . . . There’s no law that says you can’t start on the 2nd and have baby Jesus arrive on Christmas.


hahaha ok thanx…my wife and I were putting WAYYY to much thought into it and going nuts!

thanx again


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