Need advice about bad catechesis

My brother and sister are taking Confirmation class at a local parish. They have told me for months (i have started to notice) that the quality of the instruction is poor. My brother’s teacher has not shown up about 2 months and what they have really been doing were either watching videos, or the subsitute will teach (mostly has been videos). My sister is appalled at the irreverence and sometimes blasphemous
things that the other students are saying in class (and the teachers inability or unwillingness to say something about it) as well as the lack of quality in the instruction. They both want out and I’m not sure how to approach this. I would like to take them out and into another parish however the parish we want has their classes on Monday nights which is impossible for us to do. I would be extremely grateful for any advice and prayers.

Well you can continue to go until confirmation if fufilled and then go to the other parish and use resources like the CCC, Baltimore Catechism, and authentic teahings online. :slight_smile:
I teach confirmation classes and trust me it’s very hard to teach young teens from this cuture it does not really matter to them. Since I am one of those strict guys they remain quiet, but the other day I cought one kid drawing a person performing a sexual act. I didn’t yell at him and I just smiled, and said “pitty that the talents God has given to you you use to serve Satan”. It’s funny one person asked me when are we talking about the devil, so the last two weeks has been about the downfall and the purose of the devil and sin. Now everyone has their eyes glued on me and tell me how it’s not fair the God requires so much to be saved. lol

As I said if you can’t get them out, allow themt to continue and you teach them authentic Catholic stuff.

Definitely praying for you. It’s unfortunate that this kind of thing is still happening :frowning:

Those with first responsibility for the religious education of children are the parents. I don’t know your family situation, but if you have good, faithful, Catholic parents then hopefully they can do a lot to remedy the bad catechesis happening in the Confirmation classes by teaching the faith themselves.

If your parents aren’t able or willing to do this for some reason, then you can also step in and try to be a good role model for your brother and sister and try to correct the errors they are being taught to the best of your ability. They will need to learn that too-often we will encounter poor examples of the faith around us, and that this is no reason to doubt the truth taught by the Church.

It might also be worth setting up a meeting with the Priest and (in a spirit of Christian love and charity) share your concerns with him. You want to be sure to approach the issue gently and not seem like you’re just trying to get people in trouble. If there are serious errors being taught in the Parish’s Confirmation program, or if there are other serious and systemic problems, then he really needs to know about it.

Unfortunately, some of our Priests less receptive to these kinds of concerns than they probably ought to be…

As always, the best things you can do are try to be a good Christian example and role model for your siblings and, more importantly, pray for them and for everybody else involved in the Confirmation program!

God bless you.

Inform the parish’s priest with specifics. The bishop if need be. They, the parents and the young adults are all responsible for proper catechesis.

Thank you for the prayers and advice. It is unfortunate that we have to encounter this at the local parish, in an area where our faith is very strong. I am very proud of my brothers and sister who brought this to my attention and who yearn for a more faithful instruction. They have a remakable sense for the Truth and will refuse anything less than that. Once again thank you for the advice.

If in fact you are a Knight of Columbus, then you know exactly what to do about this “problem”.

You report it to the Pastor. If the Pastor will do nothing about the situation, then you report it, in writing, to the Bishop of your Diocese.

The Knights of Columbus are made up of “Practical Catholic Men”, who are active in their church. You should know full well how to go about dealing with a problem like this.

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the answer seems so obvious to me, volunteer as a confirmation catechist in this parish

that in average size parish of say, 1000 adults, we cannot recruit knowledgeable catechists to teach our youth is to my mind the REAL church scandal

I would have expected a more charitable response from a brother knight but since you are a brother knight I shall move on and assume that was not the intent. I should have been more clear in the original post. Obviously the first step is going to the pastor, that has always been my first reaction, when there is problem go to the pastor. I am looking for the best way to deal with the situation in conjuction with speaking the pastor. This is not my parish where my siblings are taking their classes. Obviously speaking to the pastor is a must. The problems are not going away over night or in a couple of months. If the students have such a low respect for our Church, our Lady and our Lord then there is a deeper problem that requires a solution that is not easily remedied. Which is what the situation is at this particular parish. I can go on however I hate talking bad about people and parishes even if it is justified.
That is why I am needing the advice. I hope this clarifies things.

I totally agree with your statement if people in the Church want to talk about a scandel, this is the one to talk about. I believe the newest Marian apparition up in Wisconsin was about faithfully catechizing the youth. I have always felt uncomfortable with idea of being a catechist wondering if am able to teach the Truth without seriously messing it up. However after seeing what is going on over there, that feeling has kind of subsided alot.

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