Need advice & direction about a media issue

(This is my first post here.)

Today, on a local talk radio station the show’s host asked the director of our SPCA why she thought people disliked cats. The SPCA director said that cats are disliked because around 300 AD the Roman Catholic Church, in an attempt to destroy anything associated w/paganism encouraged people to torture and kill cats. She (the SPCA director) specifically said the Roman Catholic Church several times. She also said this went on for over 1000 years and that it was a factor in the spread of the Black Plague (not enough cats to control rat population on which the fleas lived.) She repeated that the Roman Catholic Church tried to kill anything associated w/paganism so they killed women…women and cats.

Where can I find info to respond to this? To whom should I send my response? I have some ideas but want to hear others.

The whole thing really shocked me. I called our diocese’s communication dept. and they told me to call the SPCA. They also said they’d listen to the show but this woman was only on for a little while and the host didn’t bring the topic up again.

I am really shocked by this. It sounds like some twisted feminism revisionist history.

Thanks in advance for any help.


My first instinct is to not worry because that theory is so far-fetched I’m not sure an anti-Catholic would believe it. :smiley: However, the obvious angle is to email the host and/or SPCA with your concerns.

Welcome to the forums! I am glad to see some passion out there. :thumbsup:

I googled it and did not get one hit. Sounds like she made it up.

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