Need advice fast on Joel Olsteen

I have a friend who was raised Lutheran and fell away from God. She has 4 kids and we have become good friends. She recently has been searching for her way to God, is just starting to read the Bible, and has hooked up with a Baptist pastor who is doing one-on-one Bible study with her and her husband (although I don’t think she will end up in the Baptist church for many reasons I won’t get into). I know she is in the start of her journey home to God, and I very much want to support her, especially because she told me that watching me and my kids live our Faith has made her want to come back to God.
However, she called today and wants me to go with her to Minneapolis (about 1.5 hours away) to see Joel Olsteen. I don’t know anything about him but from what I see on the internet he is more of a motivational speaker than a evangelist for God???
What is your take on him? Do I go for her knowing that we will be able to talk on the ride to and from and maybe that will be more valuable than the time at the presentation? I just don’t want to go if I might feel offended by his talks (although I could get over it, it would not jeopardize my faith), but it’s a lot of time, effort and money to put in to see someone if I’m not sure I would like his message. Thanks for any thoughts you have to offer.:o

I have read his books and actually went to one of his programs. I found nothing anti-Catholic in his writings or talk. He focuses on hope & living life based on faith & scripture. The interpretation of the bible may be somewhat more literal then we believe, but the overall message is hopeful. Also, the music at his programs is wonderful & inspirational. I don’t believe there is any risk to someone who is deeply-rooted in their Catholic faith.

My mom (who is also Catholic) loves the guy and got hooked by a devout Protestant friend of hers may she RIP. He basically gives the same sermon every week. His shtick consist of saying that if you believe in God He will give you good things and/or whatever problems you are dealing with you will overcome because of your faith. He rarely mentions people in The Bible or morals. Come to think of it he never mentions morals from what I’ve seen. This may seem harmless but what about the evils in this world? How can someone never show any concern with say abortion, fathers abandoning their children and/or never formally recognizing them at all, etc. I believe he was once asked about homosexuality in a Barbara Walters interview, I think the exact question was does he believe it’s a sin, and he said something like “it’s not my right to judge”. You didn’t answer the question Mr.Osteen! Excuse me Reverend, wait is he even an ordained minister?

Olsteen seems to be a theological lightweight who is heavy on the motivational… I give him credit for his practice of “reverse tithing” on his books and other media… That is to say, he only keeps 10% of the proceeds for himself, distributing the rest to his charities…

The chance to spend 3 hours in the car roundtrip seems to be enticing.

One of the questions that could be addressed would simply be this: What makes Olsteen a credible or reliable authority in anything? His charisma? His presentation? His following?

I have followed the careers of both Joel and John Olsteen, his father, and to a certain extent you are very correct in that he is more of a motivational speaking than an evangelist or a preacher. His father was both. He does keep your interest and he has a christian basis to his sermons. Always starts with a verse of scripture. I don’t really see a problem with him and I feel he is leading people to Christ that otherwise might not come so more power to him.

Sorry I meant Olsteen with an L. You know who was a really, really good preacher (and we’re not even contemporaries) Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. What an orator! There was someone who spoke out against the evils in this world.

I completely agree! If you want to listen to someone who is a motivational speaker and adresses morality in a modern world Bishop Fulton Sheen is the way to go. And you know there won’t be any worries.

I think of Joel Olsteen as more of a motivational speaker than I do as a preacher. I find him easy to listen to. If you are firmly rooted in your faith than I do not see any reason why you could not attend with your friend. You could spend the car time talking on faith matters. If I were your friend, I would be very grateful for the support from you.


Like others have said, I might go simply for the chance to support your friend. I love Joel Olsteen for how happy he seems, but he is entirely too saccharine for me. My lips start to pucker after watching for about ten minutes.

Thank you so much everyone to weighing in on this!! I love this community!

Opps, hit enter too soon! :frowning:
I am going to go with her. I can use a little bit of motovation right now, and maybe God brought this opportunity to me to help my friend. I would never shut the door in His face!

Thanks again!! You are all awesome!

It’s definitely not the mullet!

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