Need Advice from Ladies - Skin Care


Just wondering what the ladies on the forum use for skin care?

We’re tring to cut back on expenses…and most of what I’ve tried doesn’t seem to really work anyway…so, I’m wondering what’s out there for skin care that actually works? :confused:

And is any of it not ridiculously expensive? :eek:

I tried using a more reputable line (Clinique). It’s fine, but doesn’t really seem that different to me than an off the shelf product (Oil of Olay, Nutrogena, etc.).

Advice? Suggestions?

Thanks!! :smiley:


For a facial moisturizer, I like St. Ives Collagen Elasten Moisturizer. It works well, and it’s cheap – about $4.00 for a 12-oz tub, which will last a while (it used to be $3.00 for a 16-oz tub, but you know how it is – everything gets smaller and more expensive. :smiley: )

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Pace e Bene :slight_smile:


Hey, I like their hand lotion! I’ll check it out!

What about under eye stuff? For those little lines…eek! Get rid of those!!! :eek:


For moisturiser I just use a nice base oil like sweet almond or macadamia and add lavender essential oil. Inexpensive, no chemicals and I don’t have to pay for a big cosmetics company’s advertising bill! :thumbsup: I also use this on my little ones after their bath - they smell so gorgeous. :slight_smile:

I think it works better than any “name” moisturiser I’ve brought…the theory is that since it is basically a food, the skin recognises it and truly absorbs it into the skin. Products containing petrochemicals (pretty much everything on the shelf not stipulated “organic”) are not recognised by our bodies and therefore sit on top of the skin. They are able to create a barrier but can never really nourish the skin. Yikes I am starting to sound like a skin care advertisement! :o Well it’s just what I’ve read…and it sounded good to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m able to splash out a little more I buy aromatherapy oils already made up from here
It is an Aussie company but I think they ship O.S.? (Just thought I’d put in a plug for the Aussies. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Their products are more expensive than my home made stuff but heaps cheaper than popular brand name cosmetics.


Do you have a Whole Foods in your town? if you do, i would recommend their skin care products, they are natural and not filled with alot of junk like most. i used to use very expensive line, but i have find, since i been here in the states, not too long, with very much sun damage and all, that more natural products are best. Always use a sun block as well. There are so many good lines sold here. One of them is Borlind. Another is CoQ10. Another is Avalon Organics. They have wonderful lavender scrub, my favorite so far.


Just an FYI I too use Borlind…but they are just as spendy as some brands like Lancome or Clinque:)
Also a health food store carries these brands so if you do not have a Whole Foods you can hit a health food store and get these:D


Borlind is very good. One of the best around. Made in Germany. Did you know Karin though? or notice how they recently alter their lines? i have and this is why i quit with it. But yes, it is very expensive, as there packages are very tiny. So this would not be a money saver for the person posting. i don’t use this line at the moment, but i have in the past. Now i use really a mish and a mash of different products, but all from the health store. i just love the health food store, especially when they have a restaurant. i would not like to eat anywhere else.


Actually I have not noticed this…certain things I buy in bulk from them especially when they are on sale:) …as to them being made in Germany yes I did know that…I do also use Dr. Hauschka which is another great product line but spendy also.
If you have an Asian market in the area…you should check out what beauty products they carry…they have great stuff too adn most is cheap…I mean have you ever seen a Korean or Japaneese gal with bad skin!!!:slight_smile:


J & J Head to Toe liquid baby soap is nice and gentle.


It is also good for removing a bad hair dye job:) …not as mild as you think.


i have tried the Dr. Hauschka’s skin tonic, and i love it. there are a few Asian places here too. i think they have nice products that mostly help with lightening the skin, and keeping freckles from appearing. This is a very big problem i notice here where the sun is very hot, age spot appears at sometimes in a person’s age 20’s, and causes aging too soon. And continues until much later, which ruins the skin. i feel lightening skin care products are very good, and i like them a lot. i do not like a tan though, but many here do think this is beautiful. One of our best friends with our family they are Phillipino. They have beautiful skin, with no age spots or wrinkles.


I use Olay Daily Facials to wash my face with twice a day. They are fantastic. They’re better than skin care lines like Mary Kay and Clinique, and they’re far cheaper, that’s for sure. And they save a tremendous amount of time because you’re not spending twenty minutes washing your face.

I use the sensative ones, and they don’t dry my face out (which I often have a problem with when I use other products). I would highly recommend them to anyone.

For a good body moisturizer, I use Curel Ultral Healing. The lotion feels like Cashmere, and it works great. I get dry skin really easily, and this stuff helps prevent my hands from chaffing when I do the dishes. It’s great stuff.

Scout :tiphat:




would not know about the whitening products…I was reffering to their cleansers and moisterisers:)


I know scary right…


Paula Begoun is a consumer advocate for beauty products–I highly recommend her stuff–have used it for years.

kevinsgirl :slight_smile:


Oh my! That’s a lot of info! Thank you all! :smiley:

Ok, you’re talkin’ to a tomboy so the only things I’ve ever heard of are the Oil of Olay and the Clinique (and my aunt just “taught” me about Clinique month before last)! :o

I’m thinkin’…I obviously have a LOT to learn!!

I know SPF is really important, but I’m allergic. :frowning: The only thing I’ve found that doesn’t turn my face red and then start peeling is the Clinique floating SPF (thank you auntie!). :thumbsup:

So, whatever I end up using I’ll have to find SPF-free and then put that on over it.

I freaked after that stuff turned my face red and went straight to the health food store. Tried 3 different things of organic/all natural skin care. Can’t remember the first two, the third I tried was Juice Beauty. The first one didn’t moisturize…just felt really tight skin with a grease layer on top. Yuck! The second two I both turned red from (one had spf and one didn’t). ARGH!!!

I’ve got an oily T-zone (see, I’m learning :wink: ). The post about using natural oils sounds interesting…and somewhere I read olive oil… I’m wondering if those would absorb without being nasty greasy since I’m not a dry skin person?

Help!! (Why is this so difficult? I wonder what women did 100 years ago??)…


Hey, a plug for the Aussies sounds good to me! One of my best friends is an Aussie…from Cessnock. Have any Tim Tams? I love those! She brought some when she visited last time…


Olive oil actaully works well on all skin types…it is absorbed into the skin without an oily reisude left on your skin


I like this site for testimonials and ratings, then I check if it’s on sale at Ebay…

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