Need advice helping out my neighbor


OK so last night my neighbors house burned down, thank God, they made it out without injury. Anyone have any ideas for helping them out? The neighborhood wants to do something for them, fundraiser, etc. My wife wants to get their daughter and them some clothing and some toys immediately, as they have nothing at the moment, and of course financial help. Any other ideas?
I believe it will be a total loss, which of course they have insurance for, and I guess they are staying with his sister in the next town over. Thoughts, ideas, thanks.


My prayers are with them. Be prepared to listen to them, more than anything. They'll be devasated beyond belief.


Well, the old way was to give them your old stuff. Dishes, tableclothes, bed linens, towels, etc. etc. etc. If you have been contemplating buying new furniture, instead of having the old stuff pitched, pass it on. I know several people from small towns in rural scotland (WWII era) and that is how they always deal with these things.

Essentially, if you have anything you dont use anymore, or might just want new stuff (table settings, dining room table, coffee table, beds, anything of the sort), pass it on assuming it is still usable and not dirty/worn out/broken. Hand-me-down clothes etc. are awesome in these cases. Some people would be insulted if they were offered money for something like this (me for instance), but the items make people feel a little less like a charity case.



I think the best thing you can do is to let them know you care by offering to help them with things they might need to do. You might offer to help with watching the kids while they have to do phone or office work concerning their home. Let them know that you are available to help if they would just ask. If they are in their yard, go out and say hello and extend the offer each time you see them. They might not think of something that day, but maybe another time and feel funny asking you then.

Let them know you will keep them in your prayers. Even if they are not religious, they will probably be comforted by the gesture.


If they have insurace the best thing is to help them in the meantime. Getting a computer, especially a laptop so the kids can do school can be a huge relief, for instance. (and if you get a netbook you can get one for under $300 on sites like tigerdirect or newegg) this can be immediate and help them alot. If a few people chip in $20 this can be accoplished in an afternoon.

the OTHER thing you can do is get the neighbor and friends to get any photos of the family that they have. You can compile decent photo albums this way. This day and age there is so much e-mail and such. Contact realitives, too. This would be an amazing surprize.

Also ANYTHING that the neighbors have passed on to you...perhaps it's small but it would probably mean the world to them


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