Need advice on discerning whether a sin was mortal or not

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet,
Does anyone have any advice on how to discern whether you have you dwelt on impure thoughts or not?

I really want to go to confession but there are several times where I’ve had impure thoughts and I’m really unsure as to whether I intentionally dwelt upon them, in my mind I believe I didn’t but there’s always this doubt that I might of, it’s really troubling me and I am worried if I go to confession and confess only what sins I fully know I committed that I won’t be forgiven for these possible sins.

Best advice I was ever given by a priest who has become my spiritual advisor is to take to the Sacrament of Confession any issue that is troubling your conscience. I have found over the years this is sound advice…I have been told on occasion that what I feared was mortal sin was not sin at all, but regardless, the priests I took my sins to never failed to offer absolution.

Be at peace!

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Ask a priest, not internet strangers.


Personally, I try not to dwell on categorizing my sins one way or another. If I have any doubt about the gravity of a sin I’ve committed, I just calmly head to confession and refrain from receiving Holy Communion until I do.

Keep it simple and trust in God’s mercy. And then get to confession. :smiley::+1:

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When you go to confession, tell the priest this. He’s the best one to help you.


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