Need advice on possible start-up business idea

My part-time job doesn’t pay good, and since I’m creative I’m deciding ifbinahpuld start a small business to make extra money. I googled ideas and cars making business appealed to me because I think I would be good at that… There was a link provided for examples on etsy and the cards had inspirational quotes. I liked that idea, and I saw that the sales did well, even though I don’t know what people would use them for really. But, I’m thinking if I do something like this that I would use Catholic inspirational quotes, and also could stationary for writing letters and the stationary and/or cards to have someone’s first name and a quote starting with that same letter. Do any of you think that if I say ‘Catholic Inspired Quotes’ that my business might not do so well because it would only basically be popular towards Caholics? I reall would love to include Catholic quotes, and would love some advice and/or ideas. Thanks!

If you want to appeal to non-Catholics you don’t have to say he quotes are from Catholics, but just call he spiritually inspiring or something else. One hing you should definitely do is hire an editor.

Lol sorry I just noticed all my errors… I’m using my iphone. Thank you!!

I suspect you have no business experience.

The making of cards and stationary is the easy part, or will be the easy part. Selling them, marketing them will be the challenge. It will also cost money.

My guess is that fewer paper products are being sold now that people communicate digitally.

You’ll probably have a hard time with cards for a number of reasons.

  1. You need to have operations in place to have the cards made without too much time/money. You can’t just make cards and hope they sell or you’ll run into spending too much capital up front and/or having too much product on hand.

  2. It’s low barrier to entry which means that you’ll have a ton of competition. You’ll need to differentiate yourself.

You may want to try something like Zazzle or Cafepress to solve problem #1. that way you can focus just on the quotes and design. #2 is a bit harder since you will need to figure out what makes your quotes different than the rest of the other folks doing the same thing.

Good luck!

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