Need Advice On Purchasing a Catholic Bible


Hello All,

I am hoping you can help me out. I want to purchase a Catholic Bible to use for Bible Study. I do most of my shopping through the internet, any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank You


I use two:

I have an NAB since that is what the Sunday Readings are. Most have notes in it for general reference.

I also use the Ignatius Bible 2nd Edition which is Revised Standard Version. No notes in it, but the wording is better. This is also the version uses in it Ignatius Study Bible books.


This is a long article… but very detailed… maybe it’ll help!


I second this suggestion. if you can only get one right now, get the Ignatius Bible. You can also get these in paperbacks which is more cost effective.


I have a few different Bibles. My all around favorite are these

The leather feels so good in your hand, it is a very high quality Bible. The New Catholic Answers version is a must for Apologetics work.

The prices on them at is very good.


I enjoy The Catholic Couples Bible from this series.

Pulled from their website: “Fireside’s thematic editions provide a creative and functional approach to making scripture an integral part of the Catholic faith experience. Each Bible features inviting color inserts designed to enhance sacramental preparation, religious education and Bible study, and address contemporary topics with scriptural and catechetical cross-references. Supporting study programs and music CD’s are available with some editions.”


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