Need advice re: self-help books

Hello all,

Not sure this is the right location to post this question but here goes:

Does anyone know anything about author Byron Katie and her organization called "The Work"? I am considering her book called "Loving What Is" and want to make sure that it is sound and won't lead me down the wrong path....

I don't really have anyone else to ask about this...and my personal issues seem to be addressed in this book (anxiety/stress etc)

Taking a look at the book on Amazon, on the first page, praise is coming from Zen and Buddhist thinkers, so it might not be a good book for Catholics. It sounds New Age. Many self-help books are New Age.

I would suggest sending your question to Sue Brinkmann's New Age Blog on the Women of Grace website. She's be able to give you a detailed answer about this author and book.

From the blog: "Send your New Age questions to [email][/email]"

Instead of that book, I would recommend Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach by Sister Kathryn Hermes. I know you said anxiety/stress, but the book is for more than depression. You can take a look at it online and see what you think. It's been very helpful for me. :)

Thank you very much for your wonderful reply! I really appreciate your thinking about this for me:) and I will check out Sr. Kathryn’s book.

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