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Hey all

       I just found out that my Dads job (he works in a plant) is working short houres next week but after next week they are going back to full houres. I feel like I need to stop tring to go to college and get a job to help out but Dad says that its only for one week and that he thinks I should go to school. I just feel so bad going to school and not working what should i do?


It is noble of you to want to help your family. You do not mention your age or the purpose of your education, but if your father does not think you should cease your studies and begin working, then my opinion is that you should respect his wishes.

I do not see any reason that you couldn’t work a few hours each weekend if you are not already doing so to help contribute to your family’s needs.You could probably also help in other ways such as doing things to make your parents’ lives easier around their home. Perhaps there are things they are paying for that you could do for free or chores they do that you do for them.


Iam 21. My Dad told me that the reason I should just stick to school is any job I could get and stay in school would be something like retail and that I would barley make enough for gas and cloths for work that it wouldnt make a diffrance. And he knows that the week after next that will be working 6 days aweek again.


I would definitely recommend taking your father’s advice. He has years of work under his belt and he knows the best way to secure your and your future family’s future is to get a college degree. The unemployment rate for those with College Degrees is far lower than those without, and those with jobs tend to make much more money than those with out degrees. There are exceptions, specifically with some trades, but by and large if you study now, you will be in a much better place to help your family out in a couple of years should they really need it.

Meanwhile, you can always see if there are any part time jobs at school. I use to work 15-20 hours a week for the Computing Services when I was in school; it helped pay the bills, and helped assure access to Unix Workstations I needed to do my project.



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