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Are there any spiritual repercussions for persons receiving Holy Communion from a EMHC who is in a state of mortal sin? I know that the person themself is placing condemnation on their own soul, but what about the recipients? If not, then why is it a guideline or directive for EMCHs to be in a state of grace?

Exactly how would one know whether the ordinary or extraordinary minister of holy communion is in a state of grace?

And why do you think there would be spiritual repercussions to the recipient of the sacrament? I don’t know what kind of spiritual repercussions you are thinking of?

Condemnation on their soul?

The efficaciousness of the sacraments operate independently of the worthiness of the minister or recipient.

Well, shouldn’t everyone be in a state of grace?

I’m not sure what guideline you are referring to? Perhaps something in the training for extraordinary ministers?

When serving as an extraordinary minister, you of course receive communion before you go to distribute it, and receiving communion requires being in a state of grace. Ergo, extraordinary ministers who approach to receive and then distribute the Eucharist to others should in fact be in a state of grace.

Duly noted. I guess that the recipients would not be affected. But if an EMHC is not in a state of grace when either receiving HC or distributing, is there an obligation for someone to say something?

Before you ask me how I know definitively… I do. The person is very close to me and I know (because they’ve told me personally) they have not been to confession in years, and I know they are committing mortal sin on a regular basis. They don’t go to confession because they don’t want to confess the same sin “over and over”.

Admonishing the sinner. Jesus writes of this in the Bible. Pope Francis speaks of this as a spiritual work of mercy.

Here are audios of Pope Francis’s advice. I am trying to find a text.

Perhaps take a listen to the advice of God’s man on earth. :innocent:

If it were me I’d make it a point to remind him/her about how he/she is compounding his/her sin by receiving while not in a state of grace. I’d also suggest that perhaps this person step back from the EM ministry until he/she gets it together.

No. You could place yourself in another line to receive. Take care of your own spiritual health and “The Doctor”-aka God-will do the rest. Peace.

You don’t know if they are or are not in a state of grace. Period.

If you have knowledge of things they are doing that are of grave matter and you are close friends, you can and should talk with them if the opportunity presents itself in a charitable manner. You can also suggest they talk to their priest to get guidance on their situation.

But no it isn’t really appropriate for you to just go up to them and assume they are “committing mortal sins” and call them out on it.

Unfortunately, I do know that they’re not in a state of grace; they’ve TOLD me they’re not, and I’ve told them they need to recuse themselves unless or until they’ve sought confession and repentance. But they have also told me personally that they have not been to confession for “years” because they don’t want to “have to keep confessing the same sin over and over”.

This person is part of my family, and very important in the lives of my children. What they are doing is not only devastating to their own soul, but it’s a terrible example for my youngest (who’s 16 and knows that what they’re doing is sinful and wrong). :frowning:

Well then, it seems that you have spoken to them. That is all you can do. The rest is up to their pastor and to God.

If it bothers you, do not get in their communion line. That’s really what is open to you at this point.

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