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I’m just looking for advice. I have been raising my three kids alone since they were babies. Now I have 3 teens. I got laid off from my long time job 4 years ago. I have had many offers/temporary jobs/jobs that didn’t work out etc. Much of the problem is that my job before was part time and I could handle home and work, however, I haven’t been able to find a job like that at all in the last years. I have been trying to handle full time, but so far it hasn’t worked. I just lost another job today. During all of this, the Lord has really taken care of us. I don’t know what I would have done without my faith. I am so tired, though, I have had no medical/dental insurance for years now, and just am wondering what I am doing wrong.

First off, you are in a far more difficult position than I have ever been, and have been living it heroically for a long time. You have done so much for so long that I hate to even presume to give you advice. I don’t know if you’re doing anything wrong, but you’ve done a lot that is right. You deserve a big hug and a pat on the back for all you have done so far. You deserve to be proud of yourself.

A pervasive feeling of being tired and overwhelmed can be one of the first signs of depression, as is the feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong with you as a person. Depression is a bad disease, as it changes your brain chemistry. You can get over it, but it can be a bit like a trick knee, something you always have to be careful of. You may not have it, but be on guard against it.

Explore where you can find support “with skin on.” Call your local public health service, ask your pastor, ask around whatever women’s organizations you can think of. Look for job guidance and support as well as screening for depression.

Look at where you have been. You have lived the Magnificat, and because of that, you have been a floater, not a sinker. Hang in there and keep trusting. God be with you, now and always.

Thanks alot for your advice and support. Once in a while I just try to figure out what I’m doing wrong - maybe nothing. Again, thanks


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